Defending the Commander Social Contract

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Black Sheep – Hybrid Theory

Commander is such a popular format that sometimes we forget that it is completely casual. This means that unless we are playing online or at events, we are free to try out variations on the game. No Commander Rules Police will show up and slap the cards out of our hands and mace us for not following the rules on to the letter. The rules were written to give an example of how to keep the intended flavor and casual level of Commander.

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Lens of Clarity Two: The Afterlife

Hey there everyone! CK the resident Man In Black is back with this latest installment of Lens of Clarity. I’m not one to write lengthy intros so without further ado…hang on tight, everyone, it’s going to be a wild ride down the rabbit hole!

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Lens of Clarity – Examining the Command Zone

Hey folks! Welcome to Lens of Clarity; the name for my regular monthly article, where we look under the morph overlay card to see whether that pesky 2/2 creature is an Akroma, Angel of Fury, a Willbender, or a Scornful Egotist!

…Okay, more accurately, we’ll look at how some of the interactions we love and hate work under the hood. I like the image of examining something by peering intently through a monocle, and somehow the art for Lens of Clarity appealed to me, so I thought it might be apt to use it as my column name.

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