Defending the Commander Social Contract

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The question I get asked most when I post deck templates and deck lists is this:

“Do you really run 14 mana fixing spells in your decks?”

Let me put this question to rest. Yes, I absolutely run 14+ mana fixing spells in the vast majority of my decks. My personal decks have two staple numbers- 38 lands and 14 mana fixing spells. Higher curves will have both more lands and more ramp. My signature with deck building is usually low curve, high speed decks that rely on card synergies (non-infinite combos) in place of individually powerful cards.

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Black Sheep – Neighborhood Combo Watch

Last night, I played with some new local players. Most of the games were decided through traditional combat damage. I took down two games with infinite mana combos. (Well, one game was won by an infinite mana combo. I realized after the fact that in the second game the combo wasn’t required to cast the Overrun effect I used to actually win…oh well). We talked about what the players considered socially acceptable before the game began, so infinite combos were established as something to be expected. The part that surprised me a bit was that the table was taken by surprise by the combos, even though one of the pieces had been out for several turns.

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Oloro, The Giant That Ruined Everything

I hate Oloro, Ageless Ascetic.

I have a bitter loathing for Oloro, and it’s not because I need to deal you two more damage every turn that you live.

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