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Black Sheep – Expanding Commander


In Theros block, we were introduced to an interesting phenomenon – legendary creatures that aren’t creatures when they enter the battlefield. Then, in Commander 2014, we were introduced to planeswalkers as Commanders. This is forcing us to take a look at what we have traditionally considered commanders (that is, Legendary Creatures) and see if the current restrictions on what can be a commander are too strict.

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Black Sheep – Newer Year, Magical-er Resolutions

Last year, I wrote a New Year’s resolution article on this site:

In summary my resolutions were:

  1. Fill my deck box
  2. Update and finish decks
  3. Double the size of the local commander group
  4. Promote players to veterans
  5. Get GDC mentioned on a major site

Let’s see how I did.

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Holiday Throwback #3 – On Useful Decklists

Today’s throwback is one I’m a huge fan of.  Commander is such a top-down format that it’s very easy to get lost in flavor and card choices and end up with a deck that is unbalanced, can’t support its own choices, or worse.  After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than pouring hours and hours into a new build, only to show up to EDH night and end up mana-screwed and unable to even get a foot in the game.

Sean looks under the hood here at actual numbers and shares his templating to ensure decks not only look good, but work perfectly as well.

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The question I get asked most when I post deck templates and deck lists is this:

“Do you really run 14 mana fixing spells in your decks?”

Let me put this question to rest. Yes, I absolutely run 14+ mana fixing spells in the vast majority of my decks. My personal decks have two staple numbers- 38 lands and 14 mana fixing spells. Higher curves will have both more lands and more ramp. My signature with deck building is usually low curve, high speed decks that rely on card synergies (non-infinite combos) in place of individually powerful cards.

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