Yo. Resolution time, Dave mode.

I haven’t done resolutions much, and never for what is basically just a hobby. But between the limited time and Magical budget imposed by having a new kid (four months old – not quite ready to sling the cardboard yet!) and my role contributing to GDC (which has been awesome) making a few commitments to myself about the whole deal actually makes sense.

(This is the fifth and final part in the Team GDC resolution series. Check out Cass’s Resolutions from Monday, Sean aka SwordtoPlow’s from Tuesday, MR. P’s from Wednesday, and Imshan’s from Thursday.)

In no particular order:

1. Take apart two decks to try something new.

I have between seven and 10 decks usually, but play about six of them on average. I want to give attention to more of them. To do that, I’m going to rip up the boring/goodstuff/also-ran type decks and build something new, outside my comfort zone, and exciting.

2. Try something new, by moving away from primarily green ramp-based decks or grindy sacrifice matters decks.

I have approximately five decks that run the full package of green ramp spells I love: Explosive Vegetation, Skyshroud Claim, Hunting Wilds, Ranger’s Path, Cultivate, and Kodama’s Reach. And three with Grave Pact and a bunch of death triggers. This means blue decks that don’t just draw cards and durdle, red decks that are more than just turn sideways or Threaten, black decks not based on Bloodghast, and white decks that aren’t just annoying Sun Titan loops. I have my work cut out for me.

I gotta change things up in order to meet goal one and accomplish resolution three. How should I go about that?

3. Put my money where my mouth is and build decks that are themey-er with less emphasis on obvious mechanics (like “sacrifice matters”).

I still have too many redundant, boring, good-stuff type decks in my stable. I talk a big game as far as themes and “fun” especially in Three Cards Deep, but I don’t always back that up in construction. I’ve started the purge of boring/funcrushing staples, but I will do that more and execute fun theme-ideas (hopefully in the style of Sean as far as adhering to theme and making a deck that actually works). I think one of the best ways to do this might be to target untouched shards and/or wedges and find build-around generals that are interesting. Thoughts?

4. Trade away more of the staples that just sit in a “could get used” box.

Between a box of staples “I might want to play” (which includes second to fourth copies of things like Sylvan Primordial or Austere Command or whatever) and these boring decks I’m gonna tear up, I should have some good trade stock. It’s perfect, ‘cause my Magic budget is very slim. After I design some sweet theme decks (hello Sydri and as-yet-undecided ramp-buster deck!) I will use this stock to trade for what I need instead of letting it gather dust waiting for me to build another uncreative deck.

5. Plan articles further in advance, especially Three Cards Deep, so I have more scenarios and examples to back things up.

I’ve gotten pretty lax about planning, often picking cards for TCD on Thursday afternoon. I used to know two weeks ahead based on good notes from playing (and I have to play more regularly too, but I’m trying to avoid being too ambitious about these resolutions.) This facilitated more detailed analysis based on in-game scenarios. I’ve run through most of the obvious/easy triplets for me, so this planning is even more necessary to maintain readability.

6. Kick up the visual design of articles a bit for GDC.

I’ve assumed the mantle of co-editor/coder for GDC, which is awesome because I’m learning more about HTML coding and such. I’d like to get our articles to look a bit nicer so they are less like huge blocks of text with a few card images and instead deliver a more visually dynamic reading experience.

These are relatively open-ended, but I think I can make all of them happen because they have very concrete, short-term milestones so it’s not going to be too difficult to work on them. Let me know what you think in the comments, or shout me out on twitter (or Reddit) if you think these are stupid resolutions.

Keep it fresh.