EDH Resolutions 2K14

Somewhere between New Years Eve 2000 (when I got catastrophically dumped) and New Years Eve 2008 (when I had a random panic attack for no good reason) I made a decision that the best way to spend New Years Eve is with friends, at home, with no drama or rubbish. Awesome!

To me the best thing about the passing of one year into the next is that is gives us the opportunity to reflect on the previous year, and I’m all about reflecting. I don’t really believe in making “resolutions” per se, but in the spirit of writing one of these articles, here are Mr. P’s resolutions for 2014.

(This is the third part in the Team GDC resolution series. Check out Cass’s Resolutions from Monday, Sean aka SwordtoPlow’s from Tuesday, and head back every night this week for pieces from the rest of the team.)

-I want to host EDH night at Mr. P Manor as many times as possible.

Might as well start with something easily achievable. Nothing makes me quite as happy as plying party host, so this will definitely happen. If anyone is ever coming to the Western Massachusetts area, hit me up.

-I want to continue figuring out how to cook, um, everything.

Mr. P's Incredibly Good Looking Baked Macaroni and Cheese Mr. P’s Incredibly Good Looking Baked Macaroni and Cheese

One of my favorite aspects of EDH night at Mr. P Manor is that I get to make everyone dinner (and if the party goes as it should, breakfast). This past year I perfected Mr. P’s hongos y rajas tacos, Mr. P’s spicy chili fried rice, Mr. P’s jalapeño portobello smoked cheddar mac n’ cheese, Mr. P’s garlic herb rangoons, Mr. P’s twice cooked French fries, Mr. P’s roasted Brussels sprouts, Mr. P’s roasted jalapeño corn chowder, Mr. P’s Sriachia aioli, Mr. P’s garlic Parmesan breakfast potatoes, and a variety of Mr. P’s omelets. I have a variety of culinary goals for this year, which I look forward to forcing on my unsuspecting victims who come to EDH night. I can hardly wait.

Oh right, I should make some resolutions that have to do with actually playing Magic.

-I want to rediscover my deck building mojo.

For a while in there, I was building new decks at the rate of maybe one every couple of weeks. This was awesome for a while, until I started putting incredible limitations on myself in an effort to avoid building archetypal or GoodStuff decks. What this means is that I have slowed WAY down on building new decks, and the only ideas I have any more are pretty much pure crap. I need to figure out how to find the middle ground, where I can be happy building (and playing) a variety of new decks. Also…

-I want to rediscover my article-writing mojo.

Somewhere in the past year, I decided that people didn’t want to read articles of me endlessly complaining. Unfortunately, this meant that 90% of what I typically write was suddenly cut off. I like writing about strategy and approaches to play, but I find it hard to write about these things in a way that doesn’t feel pedantic or overly simplistic. As such, my written output has slowed considerably. I need to get back on it. Lookout!

-I want to figure out how to actually play the decks I have built, and/or to take a bunch of decks apart.

Right now I have about 40 EDH decks. Of those, I would estimate that there are maybe 10 that I almost never play. I need to do something about that. The way I see it, the options are either take them apart, or to start playing with them. Whichever choice wins, the world loses.

-I want to “Spike out” at least one of my decks, and not immediately take it apart.

One of the things that has happened as the EDH community expands is that there has been an influx of new players. Many of these new players are less, um, negative about playing combos in their decks. There have been a few instances recently where I have played in games that I have felt like I have absolutely no chance in, because everyone else is playing a GoodStuff deck and I am playing Symmetrical Art. While I’m not saying I want to build a combo or GoodStuff deck, I do want to power up a few of my decks so that they can complete with these types of decks in a “fair” way. My suspicion is that I will do this, play the thing once, and then immediately take it apart, so part of resolution is to not do that. Wish me luck.

-I want to figure out how to not be a dick to people when I tell them how to have fun.

Look, I know what I like, OK? While I’m of the belief that it’s good to have strong opinions (and to articulate them), I’m ALSO of the belief that it’s important to not be a douche. As one of the de facto administrators of the EDH scene at two stores (plus Mr. P Manor), I am often in a position where I am (whether I want to or not) helping to dictate the social contract of these metagames. Again, I’m happy to do this, but I do want to do it in a way that does not alienate anyone. While (thankfully) I feel like this is something I’m already OK at, I’m also continuing to work on it.

-I want to play more Legacy.

After several years off, I finally got suckered back into playing Legacy a few weeks ago. Sadly, I really liked it. Thankfully, I still have all of my Legacy pieces, so this resolution won’t cost me much unless I want to pick up Tarmogoyfs (and they’re more terrible right now than they’ve ever been.) I’m definitely interested in playing more Legacy this year, and the good news is there’s a decent Legacy scene around here.

-I want to make another Mr. P token.

Perhaps you’ve seen my Graveborn Troublemaker Scumbag token? Perhaps you’ve seen my sweet alters of them? Time to start working on Mr. P 2.0, baby! I hear the world needs more Mr. P tokens!

And finally…

-I’m serious about the Mr. P Invitational.

I have a bunch of couches. In the summertime, there plenty of space around Mr. P Manor to pitch a tent (if that’s how you roll.) I like to cook. The drive from Boston to Mr. P Manor is relatively easy, as is the drive from New York. We should make this happen, y’all.

Those are my resolutions! Thanks for reading, and we’ll see y’all soon!

->Mr. P