I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions. I sometimes find them trite, and really, most people hold on to their resolutions for a month, tops, before falling back in their old habits. I’m the kind of person who lives life as I really want it; if I wanted to do something, I’d do it, and not ‘resolve’ to do it on the occasion of an event.

Yet, every now and again, I’m reminded that no one really meets the standards that they would like to hold themselves to, and that there is a kind of ‘house blindness’ that happens with day to day life, where you can see that you didn’t keep a lid on the things you meant to, but you carry on without fixing them anyway, even if you see them. So, here are my ‘resolutions’ of sorts, pertaining to the game we all enjoy.

(This is the fourth part in the Team GDC resolution series. Check out Cass’s Resolutions from Monday, Sean aka SwordtoPlow’s from Tuesday, MR. P’s from Wednesday, and head back tomorrow for the last installment, in place of Three Cards Deep.)

1. Get out of my comfort zone.
I play black and blue a ton. Green and red decks are pretty rare for me, especially without a healthy side of blue. White is a distant third. So, I’m going to step outside blue and black as much as possible. I’ve already sleeved up an Odric, Master Tactician deck (baby steps, people!), and I almost despaired at the lack of options as I played it. But the truth is I give way more time to my decks that include blue than the ones that don’t. So I’m going to spend a lot more time, attention, and money on the decks that are weakest (though, I did totally buy a Jihad for Odric). Odric has some real potential, but it needs a lot of work before it can be on the level of my other decks. I’m also going to see if there’s a Gruul deck out there for me, and work solidly on that.

2. Play fewer ‘you may not’ cards, and play more ‘deal with this’ cards.
I host an EDH night at my house on Fridays as long as I’m not working late. It always goes really well, and we’ve had new and veteran players show up, and people from diverse groups appear. Last Friday, I was playing my Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed deck, and a player from another ‘pod’ whose game had ended (it was a particularly large turnout) asked jokingly if I had any counterspells in hand. I said “No, I’m playing Mono-black,” and then, jokingly back, I said, “Well, okay, I have one.” Everyone laughed.

Later in that game, someone tried to kick a Rite of Replication targeting a Reaper King. Weirdly, I did have one ‘counterspell’ of sorts the whole time; I had Imp’s Mischief, which redirected the Rite to my own guy, which became a quick and messy meal for my Dimir House Guard. Everyone had a good laugh, but it was a telling event for me; I play control a lot, and a few of my decks (Xiahou Dun included) have a lot of trouble closing out games even while being loaded with answers. While you’ll have to pry Imp’s Mischief out of my cold, dead hands, Xiahou Dun, Rasputin and others are going to get an overhaul so that they don’t durdle you to death. They’re getting new teeth.

3. Build those theme decks!
People sometimes call me a hipster in terms of EDH. I didn’t like the new commanders from the Commander 2013 boxes, despite the fact I bought all of them anyway. A few months ago, after playing a friend’s pre-fallen empires cube (literally the Dark, and older sets), a friend of mine offered to build pre-tempest block EDH decks. EDH with legends and cards that are awful by modern standards, ones we played with when we were cracking packs of Chronicles, Ice Age, and Mirage. We agreed to do it, but never got around to it. This year is the year to get it and start playing Lord of Tresserhorn[/card[ or [card]Shauku, Endbringer. Johan? Xira Arien? Whatever, it’ll be a blast.

4. Get pen on paper more.
As many of you might have realize, I’m pretty quiet on the article front, and through social media these days. It’s not because I don’t want to write, it’s because I haven’t had time (or so I tell myself). “Where’s that GeneralSpeak guy?” I’m still here, and I’ve got plenty more to say about Commander and how things are going, but I haven’t set aside the time to actually do it. Like everything, if you want time to do something, you have to either make it, or push something else onto the back burner. This year, I’ll write until you get bored of me.

Happy belated New Year everyone!