Welcome to 2014. We made it through 2013, so it must not have been too horrible.  Now we stand with a whole new year stretched out before us with limitless potential.  It’s that magical time of year when inspiration strikes and it’s time to set resolutions for our next revolution around the sun.

(This is the second part in the Team GDC resolution series. Check out Cass’s Resolutions from Monday and head back every night this week for pieces from the rest of the team.)

Resolution 1: Fill my deck box.

This last year I went through a great purge and unloaded all but two of my decks.  This year, I want to fill my deck box back up again. I will need two to four decks to fill the empty space. Currently I only have Deveri, Jeleva, Rhys and Arcum. I need some more Rakdos in my life. I am not 100% n which Commanders I will be using, but I do know they will contain red and black to round out the color pie. I have a combo deck, a tribal token deck, a blink good-stuff-ish deck and a Judo deck. This means that I will need to add in aggro, ramp, and control to my deckbox to also round out the play styles I want to be using. If there is a deck you want to see built, let me know and I will see if I can make that one of these new ones.

Resolution 2: Update and Finish Decks

My laziness has been hurting my decks over the past few months. I designed lists with the intention of building what I could and trading/buying the rest. I never got around to finishing these things off. Arcum still needs a Foil Grim Monolith and one foil land. Rhys hasn’t been updated in over a year.

Jeleva needs to be brought up to what the list was originally designed to contain. I never picked up any of the cards that were staples for the Judo strategy. It’s really a surprise I’ve been able to win any games when I am missing all of my spell recursion as well as Bribery, Acquire and Praetor’s Grasp.

Deveri doesn’t even have a deck list. It’s just thrown together from what was in my binder combined with the five Commander decks. It technically has been winning, but more from luck and weaknesses of other decks than strength in its own strategy. This needs to be turned into a creature based blink control deck. I’ll post my take on how to accomplish this in a fun way. Well, fun for me anyway.

Resolution 3: Double the size of the Local Commander group

Recently we ran an all-day Commander event. At this event a total of eight people showed up. The Commander tournaments get about 12 people. There isn’t much crossover between the groups. That means that locally we are down to a mere 20 players. I would like to see this number at 40 by the end of the year.

The biggest push I am trying is running a Commander League. The local league is going to be a $10 buy in, with the possibility to get six packs every month. The plan is to bribe players into playing Commander without tainting them with the tournament environment.

Outside of the league, I am posting in our local Facebook group where people meet to play every night. Hopefully the scheduling difficulties can be overcome for players if they know there is always a place to play and people to play with.

Finally, I am going to try and push to get new players into Magic. Through the league and with other incentives, I want to try and capture new players and get them hooked on the hobby. This is the primary reason I want to start building decks again. I want to be able to trade away a budget deck to FNM players to get them playing Commander or let players who don’t have decks borrow something until they can build their own. I will be building a series of $30-$50 decks just for this purpose.

Resolution 4: Promote Players to Veterans

I have been spending a disproportionate amount of time helping strangers online compared to helping players locally. This used to be because our local player base was so spikey that giving them advice was just fuelling decks that scared off new players. We are now in the opposite situation, where the precons actually look decent compared to some of the players’ decks. I want to be able to help the players who have been playing for a while but don’t seem to get how to build or play well increase their skills.

I am going to rebuild my ‘gift box’. This was a box of utility cards I used to carry around with me to trade or donate cards to players who were missing essential, yet low value cards in their decks. I also need to actually print out and carry around the deck templates I made a long while back. They are easy to follow and I still use them myself, I just need to physically hand them to people.

More than anything, I need to encourage people to use the Internet as a resource. [Editor’s note: Google it, visit MTGSalvation.com and MTGCommander.net, and use Twitter – These are some of the best pieces of advice for new players, amiright?!?) It’s amazing to me how few people locally read any sort of articles online or use forums at all. They are trying to reinvent the wheel whenever they build a deck, without even realizing it.

Resolution 5: Get GDC mentioned on a Major Site.

I love GDC. I think we could really use the publicity of being mentioned on one of the bigger sites. I’ve personally had my decks mentioned on Gathering Magic, Star City Games, and even the Mothership. This year I would like to see GDC get mentioned in an article on one or more other sites to bring in more traffic and readers. I don’t have a set plan for this, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

What are your commander resolutions for 2014? Post in the comments below or email me at swordstoplow@gmail.com and I’ll see if I can help you out.


Happy New Year!