Hey there, readers-

You’re likely wondering what’s up with the radio silence in the past two weeks.  Please accept our apologies on that; it’s not ever our intention to miss posting on GDC.

Here’s the long and the short of it-

We’re going to be taking a hiatus.  There are a few reasons for this; one is that the twin editor chairs have both got a ton happening in our actual lives at the moment that are making it impossible to keep up with any sort of regular attention to the site.  We’re working to get to a better place on this (well, I am.  Dave is taking well-deserved time with his family, so he’s in a great place!), so we’ve decided that the thing to do is to take a small break.  .

This is where reason #2 comes in.  We’re about 95% complete with a redesign of the site.  It was pretty difficult to balance regular updates, real life requirements, and redesigning and debugging a new site before; with all that has happened since, it’s nearly impossible.

Our goal is to take a break here, focus on getting our business (my business…) in order, and completing the redesign.  Given a month or so, we’ll return with GDC.com Version 3.0, and get back to regular content.

Hope that’s cool with you all.  We don’t want to give any less than this site and its readers deserve, so I think this is necessary to get back on track – hopefully, bigger and better than ever.

Thanks, everyone.  We’ll see you soon.