Welcome back, everyone! Today is going to be a bit content-light, as we have a few important announcements and some other assorted odds and ends to manage today. We’ve got some new additions to the crew, and as the GenCon events went live for pre-reder last weekend, we’re all in the mood to talk about the plans for converging on Indianapolis this summer (In 68 days…but who’s counting?) 

The Competetive Commander Database (A Black Sheep Jam)

If you haven’t had the opportunity, check out Sean’s new article – Generals That Deserve Their Bad Reputation. This thing is going to grow into a comprehensive database of “problem” generals – a list of commanders that have built a reputation for representing well-known and competitive EDH archetypes. This will contain a mini-feature on each one – a basic overview, some key cards and strategies to identify, and some ways to combat the deck. Think of it as a giant mini-primer for every deck you’ve never wanted to face down in a game (Or maybe you dig that sort of thing, or are looking for some competitive inspiration…either way!)

This thing is going to keep growing, and we’ll build it into a feature page for reference. As always, pop over to the article, read up, and get involved in the comments. We want to hear what you think – what was good, what you think might have been missed, and what you want to see added. We’ll keep growing it if you keep the ideas coming.

The New Crew

So…the big announcement is that General Damage Control is growing with the immediate addition of two new teammates!

For those of you who don’t yet know (the sad announcement is here), one of our sister EDH websites – EastCoastCommander.com – has unfortunately closed its doors for good. Many of you out there have either found us as a result of ECC, or vice-versa. Christian and company have been putting out solid EDH content for quite a while, but circumstances have sadly forced their team to close down. ECC will be missed by many in the community.

In the wake of this bad news comes some good news. We’ve extended the offer to two of the ECC writers – James Davey (@JamesDavey) and Jon Pflug (@Pflugtalk) – to come and join the GDC team, and both have happily accepted! Both Jon and James have proven themselves with the content they’ve provided over at ECC in the past, and we’re really excited to have them on board with us. Stay tuned for both to hit the site with intro pieces in the coming weeks, and join us in welcoming them to General Damage Control!

GDC at GenCon

GenCon 2015 is right around the corner, and we’re headed out to Indianapolis in force to represent the format and have a fantastic time in the process. GenCon comes to Indiana this year starting Thursday, July 30th and running through Sunday, August 2nd. We decided to see what we could do to put together a serious team roster, rented a house, and set plans in motion to hit town, rock some EDH games, and generally have a blast for a good week or so.

And man, are we representing!

Here’s a list of the crew attending-

We’re going full-on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles here – Dave, Mr. P and I are leaving New England on Tuesday, July 29th in the venerable General P, with plans to drive to Cleveland for the night before getting into Indy on the morning of Wednesday, July 30. (If anyone has any suggestions for stuff to do in Cleveland, let us know. If you’re local, maybe we can get in a game or two.) Sean and Erik are flying in Wednesday morning as well, and Kaka and his lovely wife will make it for noon all the way from Australia. Wild, right?

Be sure to follow each Twitter account, because I’m sure we’re going to Tweeterizing like crazy. As always, we’ll be posting tons of pictures to the Facebook page as well, from the moment my over-excited, over-caffeinated and over-tired ass leaves New Hampshire to the moment I roll back in seven days later and pass out on the couch instead of going to work. We’ll be tossing things here on GDC as well for sure.

What’s on tap?

Well, we’re making a commitment to play as much EDH as possible throughout the weekend, and that includes you. No matter where we are – at the house, in the Convention Center, at the bar over at The Ram – we’re going to be looking to play as many pickup games as we can. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to play Commander against a wild Aussie with a penchant for off-the-wall win conditions? How about facing off against the infamous “GenCon Tournament Winning Metagame Breaking Coin-Flips” deck? What about a massive 7-on-1 game of Archenemy? (You know you’d love to be our group punching bag!) Well, we’re down for whatever. We’ll hang out, talk shop, and do whatever else comes to mind.

We’re probably going to have some GDC swag on hand as well, so if you’re lucky, you’ll get the hookup.

So hit us up – Twitter is going to be the best way to message us for a game, and if we set up shop somewhere to gather a group, we’ll be tweeting that too. If you see us out and about, say hi as well; look for a bunch of dudes wearing the GDC logo on their t-shirts, and you’ll have found us:


At this point, we’ll likely be representing in the “Commander Cabana” events – I’ll certainly be in the Thursday 10:00am event, and several of us will be in the Friday 11:00am event as well. Hit us up there as well.

What else is planned? Well, we may try to train-wreck a podcast if the stars align correctly. We’ll certainly be at the Wednesday Sun King Official GenCon Brew Tapping event thingamajig – we also love our food and our drink, so join us for a pub crawl (if you’re of drinking age); we won’t say no.  (And Mr. P seems enamored of The Handle Bar, so keep your eyes peeled for the bar to come zig-zagging down the street.  Catch a pic of one or more of us on that thing, and we’ll send you something cool.)

It also turns out that One Direction is playing Lucas Oil Stadium, and I understand Dave is a huge fan. So there’s that.

Long story short, GenCon is a great chance to relax, unwind, and just be gamers for a week – no strings attached. We intend to make the most of it, and for those of you there, well…you’re the reason GDC.com exists to begin with, so if we can share it with you, we’re happy to do so.

Stay tuned as we get closer, folks. This is going to be a blast.