…and now, we offer you a quick respite from Convention Recap Week for something snarky.  Tune in later this week for more Convention Recap action!

You may have seen that they spoiled a new pirate Jace. Here he is:

You may have looked at this and thought “wow, that goes infinite with Doubling Season!” If you did, congratulations. You just broke the format. Also, welcome to the party.

Look, you can go infinite with this thing and Doubling Season. If that pops your top, get on it. I’m not here to judge you. We may not do that here, but it’s all good. Social contract, yo.

However, can you pretty please not go on and on about how you figured out this infinite thing? You didn’t. Someone on Reddit or Twitter or whatever had added “…goes infinite with Doubling Season” approximately 0.00000004 nanoseconds after this thing was spoiled. All Planeswalkers are pretty good with Doubling Season, and this one is just way less challenging than most. Glad you noticed. Yes, it makes infinite tokens too.  Got it. Thanks.

For reals, we’re proud of you for breaking the format. Please stop talking about it.


->Mr. P



Mr. P doesn’t go infinite with anything. Also, please feel free to flame this article on Reddit or EDHRec or whatever, we could use the page traffic. <3