Roughly infinity months ago (OK, 10), I wrote an ambitious thing with what I thought would be a fun, quirky control deck based around color hosers and color-changing spells–my take on the “Gen Con Metagame Breaker Deck” conversations Team GDC was having. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve made zero progress, but am still ready to crush GenCon.

This will be my first GenCon, and since we’re only days away, I’m at maximum excitement-“Kid on Christmas Eve Levels” to quote Cass-and maximum desire to talk about the con ad nausium.

The Top Three Things That Aren’t Magical But Will Be Magical About (My) GenCon

1. The amazing crew in the GDC house: OK. Here’s the thing. For me, this is that weird moment in life when you “meet” Internet friends for the first time. I joined Team GDC at least two years ago (the oldest thing with my name on it is from 2013, but I swear it was longer since I didn’t have a kid yet…), based on a few conversations during Cass’s epic Sharuum Community Project back in April 2012. And despite Cass’s help through the birth of my (first) kid and my support for his family through his second, plus a billion other things, includi ng a Mac’n’Cheese man-crush on Mr. P and a still-looming threat of ninja snuggling Sean in Indy, I feel like we all totally know each other. But for the most part, it’s just Internet smoke-and-mirrors.

This will be the first face-to-face time meeting them. Woh. Weird. (And then there are the new additions hailing from parts south and non-GDCs who will be in attendance. Psyched homies all on the same page to dork out!)


And also, we have a team house, team shirts, and team tokens. We are all mega hyped and have our shit together. That part’s rad too.

2. Food: To my great surprise, Indianapolis is actually a pretty cultured place (as opposed to a fly-over armpit, the way we snobby @$$hole “coasters” from California and the Eastern Sea Board typically think of them), and most notably, it is known for awesome, interesting food. You can bet we’re all gonna play too many games, go home and play too many more, and then roll up to eat too much too late basically every night. And it’s gonna be amazing. I may do a food play-by-play with signature Magic cards for each meal.

3. All the other games, obviously: for me, especially, the Mech Pods. Damn Son. Battletech FireStorm.

Followed obviously by  a top three worstesticle.

1. The whole new legislation Indiana congress passed (and the Governor panic backpedal vetoed) that was anti-ally: as far as I can understand, and that’s not very far because I don’t speak gibberish legaleese and am not super comfortable just trusting the interpretations of wildly biased Internet people even if their baises are my own, the bill basically made it legal for businesses to refuse service to anyone if the potential un-customer could be said to violate/offend/go against the proprietor’s religious beliefs. It was the whole “space for bigotry disguised as religious freedom Vs. individual personal liberties” thing. Let’s be clear. I’m not sure of my stance on that particular question. However, I am sure that going out of their way to re-spell that pro-religious-liberties perspective in a climate charged by LGBTQ & minority rights issues, made them and the whole state look like giant douche nozzels.

Not to get all political. But they are this.

2. Wizards being completely, conspicuously, and utterly unsurprisingly absent. “HI WotC. You make a product that literally entices me to throw money anywhere they will take it, for collectible wizardly-art cards, and I’m a 32-year old with a wife and kid.” That’s where I am. I’m a major cash cow. Where’s WotC? “HHmmmmm her durrr. It’s the best gaming con of the year, it’s not founded by the creator of Dick Wolves, and it’s where our most popular, financially successful product debuted. We should probably spend our time and resources on bobble head dolls to make people wait in line for at the next Comic Con of corporations. Yeah that seems fine.” What the heck wizards.

3. I can’t even think of a third. And frankly, I almost deleted number 1 because it’s old news. This is gonna be great.

but where’s the Magic Content?

Patience, young grasshopper. Follow these handles if you don’t already for TONS of content, shots of games, shots of food on bellies during the road trip, photos of all our deck boxes lined up next to each other, and everything else you never wanted.




PS. CountMeOut is currently my favorite hardcore band ever.

PPS. Sorry for the rambling.