Welcome back to GDC, everyone!  Before we get going, let me just say this:
I was incredibly happy with the Thraximundar Contest response; so far, with only one post and three days for Sharuum, you’ve already blown away the amount of submissions I got by a long shot.  The submissions are fantastic, too; I’m seeing things I never would have slotted into a deck, and angles I totally would have missed.  And we’ve only scratched the surface of the creatures!
In order to keep things going forward in a focused fashion, I’m going to do a mini wrap-up of what I’ve gotten so far before I post the next category.  This will let us all understand what the consensus is on direction and be able to apply it to the following categories.  
For the record, though – don’t feel limited by this!  If you feel strongly one way or the other, keep it coming.  I want to see every possible path before we close this one out, and there’s always room to re-examine things as we move forward.
Also, please don’t feel rushed to respond to the categories as they go up.  I’m going to try to keep posting new ones every regular update to keep this project on some semblance of a schedule, but I’m not going to close off submissions until we go to assemble a finished list.  Take as much time as you want to respond to any section.
WRAP-UP – Part 2: Creatures
I was surprised here; the vast majority of you feel that going all in on a Modular strategy is not a good idea.  Imshan noted the inherent weakness the mechanic has to board wipes, and Dan noted that many of the Modular creatures are just weak and lacking real evasion in the face of the superior Sphinxes.  Ian also echoed this sentiment, calling them “French vanilla” creatures, which is now my favorite creature description term (in addition to my favorite coffee flavor.  Synergy!)
The overall feeling is that we should be looking at the Modular creatures that provide true utility – Arcbound Ravager offers a strategic sacrifice outlet, Arcbound Reclaimer provides recursion, and so on – and steering clear of the overcosted, underwhelming options like Arcbound Bruiser.
Again, you were overwhelming here as well – yes.  Ian summarized things nicely here:
“As a personal, deckbuilding rule, I don’t like adding limitations just for the sake of adding limitations. If you want to make a deck with only artifact creatures or only cards from both Mirrodin blocks that’s fine but then you cross the line into theme deck territory. The way I see it, the goal of the challenge is to make a good artifact-synergy, aggro deck and tethering it down to themes isn’t a direction I want to go.”
David echoes this sentiment when he notes that a deck like this needs to be highly synergistic to hang with what are simply better aggro options in other colors.  Along these lines, we have options in non-artifact creatures that can simply serve to make the deck better, ranging from the more obvious (Trinket Mage, Treasure Mage) to the more esoteric (Vedalken Archmage, Argivian Archaeologist) and the flat-out awesome (Broodstar!)
We’re all over the map here, although most of you like it; Tyler points out that he’s just simply good and can go in without really impacting what the deck does; Chad and Dan both echoed that sentiment.  Mr. P and Ian are both all about going all in on it.  On the other side of the fence, Imshan isn’t a fan, as it loses quite a bit of steam with non-artifact creature inclusions, unless we end up heading down the Mycosynth Lattice road – and if having Sharuum as a general doesn’t already draw a metric ton of hate, cards like Lattice come down and just scream “Combo!!!”   
This was also pretty fantastic, because some of you took some twists and turns that I wouldn’t have expected.  I won’t list everything right now, but I’ll note some of the hits:

Card advantage – Vedalken Archmage, Null Profusion, Mindless Automaton

Sacrifice Outlets For Fun And Profit – Arcbound Ravager, Priest Of Yawgmoth

Beaters – Broodstar, Sharding Sphinx

Creature Improvements – Master Of Etherium, Signal Pest, Steel Overseer
This is a great start.  Feel free to make some comments based on any/all of this- What did you like?  What did you disagree with?  By all means, if it sparks your creative neurons, add whatever you feel like; don’t hesitate to go back to previous categories and re-submit/submit more things as you see fit.  No limits here, folks – let’s make this the best deck we can.
(As a side note, if it’s helpful, I can create a running Google Doc or something along those lines with the card suggestions.  Let me know if this is something you all would like to see.)


Today, we’re focusing on how we can make our creatures into stronger threats.  We’ve got some suggestions already, so let’s dive right in:



QUESTION: What role does equipment play in this deck?

CARD IMAGE: Mirrorworks

Once again, the rules are simple:  The four components above are talking points: Ways to make you think about the elements and cards we’re putting into the deck.  I ask only that you address all components, but how you do that is up to you; tell me they suck, tell me how you’d include them, tell me how they make you want to run a “bands with others” sub-theme…I don’t care what you say, as long as you tell me why you’re saying it.  The only other requirement is to include five card choices to go along with your reply.

Send me an E-mail here, with the subject: “Sharuum Community Project Part #3 – Creature Improvements”.

Fantastic work again, everyone.  This is turning out to be more successful than I imagined.  Keep up the good work!