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We’ll keep things light this morning.  First, the links to the previous chapters of the Project:

Part 1: Intro
Part 2: Creatures
Part 3: Creature Improvements

I fully realize this is coming fast and furious; I want to keep a certain momentum going here, so we’ll continue to do so until we get through the basics, at which point I’ll slow things down for some dissection of an actual list.

Until then, keep firing off your emails for any sections at any time you’d like.  It all adds up, so don’t feel any pressure to meet deadlines or beat the next section.

WRAP UP – Part 2: Creature Improvements


There isn’t much to say here; most of you felt that the creatures that matter show up to the table with enough juice on their own, and that we should be thinking of making them bigger and more resiliant instead.  Dan noted that he believes flying is critical among others, considering that green as a color tends to not only be the most common color in the format, but also the one that has the biggest problem dealing with flyers.  David is an advocate of working in ways to make our guys unblockable, from flying to to things like Shadow. (Dauthi Embrace!)  For the most part, though, we seem to be looking at letting the creatures do what they already do best, which saves us space as well.


Again, less seems to be more.  There are good suggestions all around, but the overwhelming opinion seems to be to include a few key pieces of equipment that serve a solid purpose, and otherwise save the space for other options.  (As Imshan put it very well, “I’m of the mind that equipment should not be in the forefront.  For me, the focus of the deck is playing giant robots and smashing people with them, rather than playing Swords of Protection and Value and Umezawa’s Jitte.”)  Makes sense. 

Some hits: the standard “boots” inclusions. (Greaves, Swiftfoot)  Tyler is an advocate of recursive utility with Sword Of Light And Shadow and Nim Deathmantle.  Dan added Darksteel Plate for the added staying power.  Cranial Plating and Skullclamp were also suggested a few times.  Outside of the box and pretty solid: David tossed in Sword Of The Paruns, which seems to be a perfect collection of utility, protection, and creature pump at the same time.  (This thing would look great on my Colossus Of Sardia…just saying.)  Lastly, there are hits like Batterskull and Loxodon Warhammer that fit the aggro theme very well, and offer some lifegain at the same time. 


Most of you dove straight in to suggestions here, so I’ll do the same:

Pumps: Steel Overseer, Tempered Steel, Elspeth, Glorious Anthem
Protection: Eldrazi Monument, Akroma’s Memorial, Darksteel Forge, Cauldron Of Souls, Ethersworn Shieldmage, Metallurgeon
Combat Perks: True Conviction


Most of you liked the inclusion…some of you quite a bit.  As Mr. P noted, while this seems like a control-ish card at heart, it gives us value by doubling up on our beaters.  Zach noted that it opens the door for some real synergy with an include of Precursor Golem, which also helps us light up Mycosynth Golem/ Broodstar.  Most of you noted that in an artifact deck like this, there’s just a ton of all-around utility to be gained by the inclusion – mana acceleration, removal, card draw…it can double it all.  (A related note, Imshan also sang the praises of Prototype Portal along those same lines.)

Great submissions, everyone.  Please keep it coming as fast as you have been.


I know, I know.  You can’t swing a stick in these colors without hitting a decent tutor.  Since there’s so much low-hanging fruit, let’s try to look at what sorts of synergies we can derive here.



QUESTION: What’s more critical in an aggro deck: tutors or card draw?  Where is the balance point between the two?


The standard rules apply:  The four components above are talking points: Ways to make you think about the elements and cards we’re putting into the deck.  I ask only that you address all components, but how you do that is up to you; tell me they suck, tell me how you’d include them, tell me how they make you want to run a “bands with others” sub-theme…I don’t care what you say, as long as you tell me why you’re saying it.  The only other requirement is to include five card choices to go along with your reply.
Send me an E-mail here, with the subject “Sharuum Community Project Part #4 – Tutors”
Thanks again.  You guys are the best for the amount of thinking and work you’re putting in here.