We’re in the home stretch as far as components go.  Let’s knock this out.  I’m absolutely dying to play this thing already.  Actually, speaking of that…
As I noted last week, I got all antsy-like and threw together a really raw, untuned Sharuum list to run last Wednesday at Worlds Apart.  I tried to take some queues from what we’ve developed to date in here, although I also kept a few of my own pet choices (Hello, Entomb!) in place as well to see what would happen.  
I think I learned a thing or two:
I ran my standard 36-land load out, comprised of the standard expected components (Revised duals, fetchlands, Reflecting Pool, Academy Ruins, and so on.)  I tried to go light on the acceleration to keep a higher density of threats.  This proved slightly problematic, as you may expect.
I found myself using a turn-two Vampiric Tutor to find Darksteel Ingot, both to fix mana and to protect the Glimmervoid that was the only early source of black mana for me.  I did find that I was slowly hitting land drops comfortably, but man…Sphinx Sovereign is sure expensive to cast the honest way.  I was just horribly out-classed by the green-based decks at the table, one of whom hit land drop number twenty before I hit my tenth source.  
-Why are you pretending to be a control deck?
On a whim, I included Silent Arbiter as a way to protect against token shenanigans.  The thought was that my giant Arcbound Ravager-fed Darksteel Colossus would trump any single creature I’d face one-on-one.  
Again, as you may expect, I played Arbiter, slapped Darksteel Plate on it, and promptly turbo-stalled the board.  While I sat back trying to find a draw engine to get my creatures going, I instead was overrun by a giant, trampling Ulasht (by way of Skaarg, the Rage Pits.)  
-Aggro high points:
Tempered Steel and Steel Overseer hit early, and I was able to ramp several smaller guys up to take care of much bigger threats as a result.  Tempered Steel is absolutely fantastic in this deck, to the point that I’m starting to like the idea of Copy Enchantment and Sun Titan or some other form of recursion to get and keep the advantage here. 
Recursion is working fine!
This was not a problem.  Scarecrone is a beast, and I was able to prepare a fantastic instant-speed graveyard artifact toolbox via him and Sharuum
Card draw and tutoring, not so much…
…however, I just ended up sitting, waiting to come into a draw engine of some sort to get things moving.  It never arrived.  A 7/7 Overseer was as good as it got. 
-What I learned:
I’m really liking the ability this thing had to make even inconsequential artifact guys into threats.  I think there needs to be a little bit of a focus going forward on more ramp, either in the form of extra lands or extra acceleration, if this thing is going to keep up with the big dogs.  While I think it can hang on the strength of the recursion it packs, we’ll need to look very hard at the amount of card draw we pack in, as this thing needs to be digging fast and hard for threats.
Oh yeah…don’t play Arbiter, and don’t be a control deck.
Also, I probably suck at shuffling. 
Anyway, that brings us to:
I apparently suck at segues too.  Good to know.
QUESTION:  How important is combat-based draw?  (Think Coastal Piracy, Mask Of Memory, etc.)
As always, the standard rules:  The four components above are talking points: Ways to make you think about the elements and cards we’re putting into the deck.  I ask only that you address all components, but how you do that is up to you; tell me they suck, tell me how you’d include them or leave them out, tell me how badly this deck needs to include an “Enchant Enchantment” sub-theme (Power Taint FTW!)…Say what you want, as long as you tell me why you’re saying it.  The only other requirement is to include five card choices to go along with your reply. Send me an E-mail here, with the subject “Sharuum Community Project Part #6 – Card Draw”
Thanks again, team.  Keep it up.