Ok, so at first I was going to write a serious article about the new legend rule, and then I was like, “Wait, I’m Mr. P!”

So here’s a list of awesome EDH things you can do with the new Legend rule.

-Copy your opponent’s Geist!  Broken!  Now officially the best creature ever!  GG noob!

Oh, right, this is an EDH article.  I won’t lie, I keep looking at Geist of Saint Traft, and then I pick it up and turn it over, and then I smell it, and then I hold it up to a light, and then I take little nibbles out of it as I try to figure out WHY THIS THING IS REGARDED AS BEING GOOD.  I’ve seen people play it in EDH, and it attacks maybe once before someone just blocks it and it dies.  Why is this thing good in Standard?  Do people not block in Standard?  I’m so confused.  Bad example! Let me start over.

-Zedruu Foundry

Here’s a broken combo: play Soul Foundry, imprinting Zedruu the Greathearted.  Make a Zedruu, and use its ability to give it to one of your friends.  Then clone it, and use the clone’s ability to donate itself to another one of your frenemies.  Now use Clock of Omens to untap Soul Foundry and make another Zedruu, which you can then donate to another player.  Repeat until everyone has a Zedruu, and then make one for yourself.  Draw/lifegain engine, baby!


This is almost too broken to print.  PlayCastle.  Holy fudge! Play Clone, copying nothing.  0/2 clone, baby!  Now play Kiki Jiki, Mirror Breaker, and copy Clone.  When the token comes in, copy Kiki Jiki, keeping the untapped (clone) Kiki.  Rinse, repeat.  Infinite combo, baby!

-Carnival of Kikis

Do the combo above, only with Carnival of Souls in play to get a lot of mana and/or die.  Carnival of Souls is a One Card Combo™ and should be banned immediately.

-Stangg-y Legg

Play Stangg.  Clone it.  Since the new Legend Rule will happen with the Clone Stangg comes-into-play trigger on the stack, you will get to choose to sacrifice the Clone before the Stangg Twin token comes into play.  Then the new Stangg Twin token will come into play, and you can sacrifice the original Stangg Twin, causing the original Stangg to be sacrificed.  Then the new Stangg Twin will be oh so lonely, and your opponent will probably scoop because they will have no idea what THE GOSH DARN just happened.  Winning!

-My 1st EDH, now with more broken!

Play My 1st EDH.  Randomly get attacked for 100 by people who are randomly terrified of it.  Fog.

Next turn, play Tolsimir Wolfblood.  The turn after that, make Voja.  The turn after that, attack with Voja.  Then, when someone attacks you, make a new Voja and choose to keep the new (untapped) one.  Block.

Crap.  That’s actually useful.  Sorry!

-Oh Brothers, Where Aren’t Thous?

Play Brothers Yamakazi.  Play another Brothers Yamakazi.  The legend rule doesn’t apply to them!  HA!  Brothers Yamakazi gives no shits about your stupid rules changes!  (Of course, you’re playing an illegal deck, but who cares about that either!)

-Clone Avacyn

See, this is why I don’t get why everyone is so gosh darn upset about this new rule.  Sure, you can no longer kill your opponent’s Avacyn with a Clone, but the good news is you will HAVE YOUR OWN AVACYN AS WELL.  Why is that bad?

-Complain about it on the Internet!

Clearly this is the end of Magic.  Sky! Falling! Shark! Jumped! Fridge!  Nuked!


Here’s a better idea; look at the new Legend rule as a chance to explore new creative territory, and to do something inventive and awesome.  And for god’s sake, have fun; that’s why we play this game.

Oh, and if you’re ever in the neighborhood on a Saturday night, stop by Mr. P Manor. I’ll Clone your General, and make you tacos.  What could be better!?


->Mr. P


If you’ve never watched a movie while simultaneously reading the plot summary on Wikipedia because you have no idea what’s happening, you either aren’t Mr. P , or you haven’t seen Day Watch.