Three Cards Deep: The Good, The Bad, and the EDH Ugly
In EDH, card values shift with context. So every week I like to get three cards deep on what works, what doesn’t, and why. In other words, I present one card for each of the three following categories based on what I have played or seen played at a Commander table:

Rad: A card that was surprisingly awesome

Bad: A card that sucked, usually of the fun-sucking variety

Sad: A card that fell flat on its face, usually contrary to expectations.

The Rad – Hedron Crab

The little one-drop that could (do almost nothing, and yet everything). From casual 60-card favorite to EDH enabler, this crustacean from the land of floating islands makes me feel warm inside. Whatever your reanimation flavor of choice, you’re going to love turning every land drop – yeah your bounce lands do have a lot of synergy – into a mill for three. I guess you could point this at an opponent, but when I experienced it, enabling a conventional Bruna, Light of Alabaster (what kind of a name is that?) Voltron strategy, I was shocked by this little crab’s potent ability to make every land twice as terrifying: one step closer to Bruna and another doom machine element in the yard.

Verdict: The right kind of crabs for my kind of party.

The Bad – Eldrazi Conscription

“Come one, come all, and turn any hexproof dork into your very own flying spaghetti monster.”
Seriously though, who’s bright idea was it to add trample to this mess. At least the annihilator is only two. Uril, Bruna, and any other general that wants some pants might run this, and the odds are high that it is the final straw in the one-shot Commander kill. It is eminently answerable, except nobody plays it in a deck that isn’t resilient to answers. Unless you have a fog or mass tuck effect, you’re sac’ing two and taking 15+. (To be fair, the many times this card has sucked all the fun out of the room, tutoring for darksteel plate and hexproof were also involved.)

Verdict: It may just be a cog, but that’s not a machine I want to see built.

The Sad – Luminate Primordial

What do you want to do? Get a bit of card advantage for your medium-sized beater? Remove a few creatures? This still isn’t the droid you’re looking for. Now that the dust has settled, it’s clear that you actually want the shiny white bone robot in very few situations.

For seven mana, just exile or tuck everything for six and save one. Or wrath for four. Or turn his sword into a hoe. If you really need the minor card advantage, chose from one of 97,394,873,495,345 better ETB creatures. I slotted this guy into several decks, and he’s slowly made his way out for better options that just do more for a card and seven mana

Verdict: I don’t have a blink.dec, but I do have four spare Luminates…

That’s it. Last week I got a request, which was cool. I’m focusing on cards I’ve seen, but I like the idea of cards you want to see reviewed, because it can be tough to identify targets that are not obvious enough to be worth discussing.
What am I missing here people?

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