Three Cards Deep: The Good, The Bad, and the EDH Ugly

Three cards:

  • One is Rad: Surprisingly awesome card you’d be just as happy to see an opponent slam down as you would to rip it off the top.
  • One is Bad: It’s a bogeyman. Take a trip to frown town with these fun suckers, whether you’re casting or being tortured by them.
  • One is Sad: Often popular inclusions, these cards tend to let you down.

Let’s play the New Year’s Resolution game. Three cards I resolve to do something with – play more, less, or… less abashedly.

The Rad – Isperia, Supreme Judge

I really like this card. Most say it’s dumb because it doesn’t do much, it only attacks for six, and it’s basically a flying Craw Wurm. But first off, Craw Wurm was one of my faves when I got started. And with Cathedral of War it is a three turn kill, and it draws cards and makes funny cards useful, like Pollen Lullaby.

I’m resolving to play Isperia more, because the deck is cool and I don’t play very many general-damage focused cards. I think it’s an important angle of EDH and a fun twist of card advantage that is more interesting than just getting a lot of value from Ghave or whatever.

Verdict: Draws cards. Attacks. Sold.

The Bad – Grave Pact

This card should be fine. But I’ve learned that I tend to build mechanical theme decks, and I have at least two sacrifice-matters things, and the Pact is always unfun for the table when I cast it.

Seeing as I have between two and four grindy decks that do a lot of sacrificing and leverage Grave Pact, and nobody is ever happy to see it, this is the doozy I’m resolving to play less.

Verdict: The opposite of sacrificing for fun and value, depending on whose fun you’re counting.

The Sad – Arcane Denial

There are several significantly better options, even if you account for the political angles of this Denial. Nonetheless, I love it. I like the nice easy mana cost that makes it flexible in three-color decks, I like that it’s funny, and I like that since I don’t counter spells very often, when I do, it feels like an event.

Denial often gets a few shrugs from people asking why I don’t run better cards, and for whatever reason, this has led to me cutting it in a few decks. But I want it back. I’m going to get rid of stupid Spell Crumple and go back to running this because it’s fun.

Verdict: You get two cards and I get one more. And also not your spell. Weeeeee.

Yep. So make some resolutions to help guide your card selection decisions. It is fun.