Three Cards Deep: The Good, The Bad, and the EDH Ugly

I have a secret, burning love for Viscera Seer. How does it pair up?

Here’s how it goes for new readers. I talk about three cards in terms of everyone’s favorite punching bag, Deadshot:

  • One is Rad: Surprisingly awesome card you’d be just as happy to see an opponent slam down as you would to rip it off the top.
  • One is Bad: It’s a bogeyman. Take a trip to frown town with these fun suckers, whether you’re casting or being tortured by them.
  • One is Sad: Often popular inclusions, these cards tend to let you down.

So let’s get this out of the way. Scry 1 on a free sac outlet ranges in value from “sure, I’ll take it” to incredible. It’s when you start turning that into an engine that you get interesting situations for card evaluation.

The Rad – Requiem Angel

I firmly believe Requiem Angel is underplayed, especially in decks that have a few really good sac outlets, or even just run lots of creatures. The synergy is obvious, but it’s not back-breaking. This is exactly the kind of card I love, and with the Seer, it’s incrimental advantage all over the place. These two typically pair with some other engine piece like Bloodghast [author’s note: someone pointed out in the comments that Bloodghast is a spirit. Move along folks. Nothing to see here…] or Mentor of the Meek to go absolutely nuts. I absolutely have this combo in three different black-white(-x) decks and it does different things in each of them.

Verdict: It all comes down to inherent doubling of your amount of guys to sacrifice. Doubling is awesome.

The Bad – Vicious Shadows

This is one of the many “bad” cards that I choose mainly because I feel like a dingle for having sinned and gone the lazy-easy-really-effective route. It’s a really obvious set-up, like many cards, but when the sequence goes (as it usually does for me when it goes at all): wait for a turn when most people are low on mana, flash in Shadows on the turn before mine, turn starts, cast [Card]Insurrection[/Card], win.

But even if you’re just getting double value, sacing guys to find the right card and punish the draw-all-the-things player, it’s still silly how powerful these two are. The pairing itself isn’t too common, but sac outlet + Shadows is.

Verdict: A good one for the snores.

The Sad – Ophiomancer

This is turning into a confessional. I had HIGH hopes for pairing these two because, hey, free scry every turn no matter what. Turns out that assumption was at least half-wrong. You do get fodder to scry and deathtouch-block as much as you want, but what you’ve basically done is spent two slots in your deck (or one if we just count the ‘mancer) to build a black, supercharged Eyes of the Watcher with more upside and no mana cost. Felt underwhelming to me.

Verdict: Seriously. Expectation management is important with this pair.

This Week’s Lesson: Sometimes people just combo you out. If you choose to play with unknowns and you build your decks to be less-than-optimized in order to follow theme or something else funky and fun (like me, sometimes), you will lose sometimes. And that’s totally cool.