Hello, Folks. 
I wanted to drop in today to let you all know that some serious real-life obligations are conspiring to keep me unbelievably busy for the next few days, so the regular Thursday update for today will have to be postponed until next week for the regular Monday slot.  Sorry for the interruption, everyone.  I promise I’ll make it up to you all, though. 
…Actually, let’s start right now, shall we?
The From The Vault release for this summer is “Realms” – For those of you who haven’t seen the details, go over to MagicSpoiler.Com to check out what’s out there so far regarding this set.
All up to speed?  Good.  Here’s what I’m going to do:
Send me an e-mail here with your guesses as to what fifteen lands will be included in ‘From The Vault – Realms”.
The person who comes the closest to guessing the contents of the set will receive a sealed copy of From The Vault – Realms.
That’s it…it’s that simple!  
Some Basic Rules –
-Only one submission per person.
-Only e-mail submissions will count.  (Here’s the link again.)
-The deadline for submissions will be Wednesday, August 1st, or when the full list is spoiled or revealed by Wizards of the Coast, whichever is first.

-The prize will be delivered to the winner after the August 31st release date.  I’m coming out-of-pocket personally to pick up the prize copy, after all.

-In the case of ties, I’ll use an infallible third-party source to randomly determine the winner.  (Hint – It’s going to be my moms getting a random number from Random.org.  You wouldn’t accuse my moms of cheating, would you?)
-Regarding spoilers: If a card is publicly spoiled before the deadline of the contest, any submissions received after the date of the spoiling will not count the spoiled card towards the total.  Example: if High Market is spoiled on July 15th, any submissions received including it before that date will count it towards the total of correctly guessed slots, but any received on or after that date will not count High Market towards the total of correctly guessed slots.
In layman’s terms –  you snooze, you lose.
Who loves you?  🙂