Meta-game breakers – You’ve already seen Cass’s super tuned three-year-labor-of-love, and Sean’s takes on turning the GenCon table running jerks’ plans on their head. When I signed on, sent digital high-fives to team GDC as we planned our amazing trip to Indianapolis for 2015, and realized that meant I needed a deck that did something, I knew two things:

I wanted to play color hate to prey on the weird inbreeding that affects building “good” EDH decks

And I wanted to put dem guys on tilt. Big time.

PS – Hi. yes. I’m not dead. Just haven’t written anything magical in a while. Let me tell you, dustin off my soapbox keyboard does feel good.

So I started with a few assumptions based on Cass’s expert intel and having met a few of this variety of uninformed tryhard.

  1. Blue will be the most played color on the part of the—let’s just call them the bags from now on—on the part of the bags.
  2. The biggest threat will come from relatively predictable but nonetheless effectively tuned combo decks, mainly five-color Hermit Druid, mainly-blue or mono-blue Mind Over MatterTemple Bell, and various infinite-mana artifact combos that look to “Stroke” out the table with Stroke of Genius.
  3. Next will be the Edric, Spymaster of Trest decks, copycatting the popular Flying Men + Time Warp strategy from last year, and inferior combo decks like an untuned Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker type deck.
  4. Everyone else will be playing basically more fair, with big green land-based mana advantage probably being the most common – things like super fast Deductions from this include:

    • Free counters will be good against fast combos.
    • Hating on Blue is a good idea, especially if it can affect the stack and a [card]Laboratory Maniac">Maelstrom Wanderer[card] or something.

Deductions from this include:

The last thing I had in the front of my mind is that against combo, you need a clock. Otherwise they’ll just rebuild their hands and try again. However, in the case of EDH, the “clock” on bags might just be locking them out so they scoop, because they have their eyes on the actual clock.


I wanted to play color hate. I started out knowing I wanted both red blasts (Red Elemental Blast), Choke, Deathgrip, and Wash Out. But green was probably out. Plus, ‘grip will be dead in most cases. Then Sean suggested Scuttlemut and all was right in the world.

Editors note: A friendly commenter pointed out that Scuttlemut doesn’t change the color of spells. Please accept this penitent amendment.

Sean suggested Scuttlemut and I knew we were on to something. Then…Blind Seer. Therrrrrrrrrrrre it is…

End freshly amended correctness. 

Add to that Stranglehold, Damping Matrix, and Cursed Totem and the hate package is getting sweet. If getting locked out with the combo of deathgrip plus Scuttlemut doesn’t piss the bags off, I don’t know what will ( OK, yes I do. An entire table gunning for them would be pretty bad too.)

Beyond that, the list I’m working on is still theoretical: Lots of tuck, an Ugin’s Nexus that I can never cast, the usual graveyard hate, Crucible of Worlds and all the Strip Mine varieants, all the cheap disruption I can fit, including Slaughter Pact and Chaos Warp, a pile of blue counters, and a bunch of mana rocks.

The list doesn’t actually do anything yet. It just wants to stop anyone else from doing anything. It’s the Null Rod of EDH joke decks. And so far, that seems cool to me.

Grixis do-nothing hate. Clearly, well along the road to Gen Con 2015.

Why don’t I just play Gaddock Teeg? What Grixis general option is there that might be able to close games ever? When will i start testing? No idea. I just want some bags’ eyes rollin’ in frustration.

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