Yeah, I know.  It hasn’t been a week, and I’ve already blown a thing or two.  I’ve said it before, folks – I’m nothing if not inconsistent.
Audibles At The Gatecrash Prerelease

I’m already flip-flopping, and I can’t tell you why.  At this point, I’m strongly considering Simic because the color combination is something I’m really toying with in EDH right now. 
What does that have to do with a limited format?  Absolutely nothing.  Logic is boring.
So I’m thinking Simic on Saturday, Orzhov on Sunday.  Still could care less about Dimir, Gruul, or Boring. 
Er, Boros.
Am I doing the right thing?  If not, what should I be playing?  If you’re headed out to a Prerelease in a few weeks, what are your plans?
Keeping Decks Together This Year

Whoops.  That didn’t take long, did it?
Sticking Around-

Mono-white Angels.  As much as I want to believe this thing isn’t any good, someone suggests we play a game of Emperor or Horde EDH and it crushes it (and ruins my carefully-crafted preconceived notions.) 
Skullbriar.  I haven’t quite grown tired of the joys of just tossing a beater at the board every single turn and turning it sideways.  I don’t often play “I’m the problem…deal with me!” decks, and this is a refreshing departure from the norm. 
Niv-Mizzet 2.0.  Because there’s a part of me that loves storm combo and hates freedom.  My plan is to work on making this one stronger, faster, and more potent.  I’ll know I’m on to something when I can’t find anyone to play against it anymore.
On The Fence-

Sigarda Enchantress.  Yeah, this was one I swore I was going to make it to the end of 2013 with last week.  I also thought I was going to be an honest DJ at one point, instead of just looking for an excuse to call myself one and come up with a “DJ name.” 
This one might stick around if things line up, though.  And by ‘line up’, I mean ‘I stumble into a spare Savannah.’  The over/under on when this one probably comes apart is Thursday. 
(Pro-tip: take the under…)
Xiahou Dun.  This is a little surprising even to me.  The problem is that while I didn’t exactly just throw it together, I also had a theme in mind when working on it.
That theme was, “Hey!  You have a pile of black cards and no decks with black in them!”
Now that I have Skullbriar and another project in the works that also contains black, I’m finding that there are a ton of important black cards that I have one copy of and that also cost an arm and a leg.  Also, no-one seems to like playing against it, so there’s that too.
All-But Taken Apart Already

Slobad.  The longer I play this deck, the more I realize that it’s a bit of a fragile Rube Goldberg machine that breaks down a lot and has a hell of a time dealing with flyers.  Also, I’ll be damned if I’m the reason someone drops that stupid Gatecrash dragon and just wins on the spot. 
Long story short, decks that do nothing but frustrate and bore me to tears tend to not stick around.
Metagame-Hate Riku.  This is the big shocker, especially considering how tightly entwined this deck is with my goals of heading back to GenCon to crack the Constructed Championship Qualifier queues. 
The ‘tl;dr’ is that this deck isn’t coming apart as much as it’s shedding a color.  In discussing it with Patrick, I realized that Riku may as well be a puppet general for how often he sees play and is actually activated.  Maelstrom Wanderer is the next logical choice, and isn’t all that good in a deck designed to be reactionary and play lots of instants that counter things.
From there, I looked under the hood and discovered that the deck had been cut down to a grand total of four red cards.  As much as I love Counterflux (and I do!), I think I can make the deck better by focusing on two colors.
What’s In The Works, Then?

Riku is becoming the new Simic infatuation I alluded to above.  I’m hoping that the new Gatecrash Simic guild-leader has a relevant ability and presence, and I can overpay for a foil copy on preorder and start sleeping better at night.  If not, say hello to Momir Vig.
Slobad is becoming Rakdos, Lord of Riots.  The long and the short of it is that I want an artifact-focused deck that is a bit more explosive, handles flyers (and everything else) a bit better, and can bring to bear some stronger resources.  This one has been simmering for a bit (thanks in part to discussions with Imshan), and it’s starting to take shape. 
Since I need a new flagship three-color deck, I’ve decided to go all-in on a WBG build of some sort.  As I’ve said recently (not that that means a hell of a lot, apparently), I’m a big fan of black and white as a color combination.  Or it’s also possible that I’m just falling prey to the lure of the shiny new Gatecrash toys for Orzhov.  Maybe I’m dying to sell some plasma in order to re-buy my Vindicates and my Survival of the Fittest-s and Pernicious Deeds.  Who knows.
At this point, I’m leaning towards a Karador, Ghost Chieftain deck, mostly because I don’t want to go Doran due to over saturation in my current metagame, and I don’t want to play tokens, so Ghave is out. 
Past that, the sky is the limit.  Strategy…build direction…the jury is out.  I’m open for suggestions, though.  What should I be doing with this pile of cards?  Hit up the Comments and help a brother out.

So I missed the Dimir mechanic a few weeks back; it turned out to be cipher:

This is pretty cool.  In fact, I wish I had a deck that contained both blue and black together, because this mechanic is really flavorful and potentially very strong, and I’d like to explore it in depth. It again pushes the idea of getting creatures into combat, a concept I support whole-heartedly; past that, you still get solid value out of the spells alone.  Another example I plan to play the heck out of:

Play it alone, and it’s an over-costed Phyrexian Metamorph.  Not terrible, all things considered.  Play, encode on a creature about to attack anyway, and you’ve got at minimum a double-Phyrexian Metamorph in sorcery form for six mana.  Pretty awesome. 
I’m excited to see this mechanic play out further.  Maybe I need to revisit what I’m going to build, and switch over to playing Dimir at the Prerelease after all…

I want to leave you with two linked questions to ponder.  I’m trying to wrap my head around them myself, so I hope this serves to drive some solid discourse in the Comments section as well.
First, consider this:


What is your first reaction to Blightsteel Colossus?

Where does it stand for you in comparison to hard/infinite combo?
I’ll explain where I’m going with this next time…