As some of you know, Dave and I have been playing in the same EDH circles for the last couple of years. Our usual group meets up on Monday nights, but occasionally some of the group meets up for Alt-EDH night for some extra games during the week and to accommodate those who miss on Mondays. Dave has had a lot of real life stuff going on right now (all super awesome cool stuff), and even the secondary nights have been tough for him to make. I’ve been sending Dave some highlights from nights entitled “Vicarious EDH”, and today I’d like to take it a step further with a full game log of our game last night. (Editor’s note: I pretty much hang on every word of Jon’s generous post-gaming tweets. When you can barely find time to brew in your head, distracting yourself at work with 140 characters of EDH shenanigans is teh bestest.)

I’ve read some full logs before (courtesy of the grand poo-bah of EDH Sheldon Menery on, but I didn’t quite know how intense it would be to attempt to log everything while playing. It slowed down the game a bit, but I want to tip my cap to my fellow players Tony, Mike, and Ryan for being patient with the process and for what turned out to be a pretty fantastic game.


Game Log 9-17-2015

Player & General:

Jon: Tariel, Reckoner of Souls

Tony: Marchesa, the Black Rose

Mike: Yasova Dragonclaw

Ryan: Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest

I win highest roll, and elect to keep a land-heavy hand of Sacred Foundry, Command Tower, Vault of the Archangel[card], [card]Mesmeric Orb, Swamp, Fated Retribution, and Maze’s End. This deck doesn’t ramp a lot so I welcome such a hand, and I figure that the Orb will generate some decent targets for Tariel when I get her into play.



J: Draw swamp. Play Maze’s End.

T: Myriad Landscape

M: Frontier Bivouac

R: Evolving Wilds for Plains


J: Draw Thousand-Year Elixir, play Command Tower then Mesmeric Orb.

T: Island

M: Forest, Evolutionary Leap

R: Island


(I did not log every card milled by the orb just for a heads up, nor all of my draws)

J: Swamp, Thousand-Year Elixir, draw Utter End.

T: Swamp

M: Skullclamp, Simic Growth Chamber returning Forest to hand.

R: Mountain. T cracked the Landscape to put 2 Mountains into play.


J: Vault of the Archangel, (Draw Altar of Dementia)

T: Opal Palace and played Marchesa, the Black Rose with an extra counter on her to insure that she’ll bring herself back if she dies.

M: Mountain, Edric, Spymaster of Trest, put [/card]Skullclamp[/card] onto Edric

R: Island. EOT I activate Maze’s End to grab Orzhov Guildgate from my deck.


J: Play Maze’s End again and play Relic of Progenitus and Altar of Dementia.

T: Swamp, attack J with marchesa for 5 (35).

M: Forest, punch J for 3 with Edric, down to (32). The mill has made everyone angry.

R: Mountain, on standby


J: Bloodstained Mire, Sacrifice for Badlands (31). Tony & Mike graveyards have been filling up with creatures and I would like to keep them there, so I exile a card from R’s graveyard with the Relic.

T: Island, Swings at me again with Marchesa, this time I exile it with Utter End. If Tony can get Marchesa rolling I’m in trouble from commander damage/her ability to continually keep things out of the graveyard so I decide to put a temporary halt to it.

M: Winding Canyons, swings at me with Edric (28) At the end of Mike’s turn, Ryan casts Orim’s Thunder kicked on Mesmeric Orb to end my mill capabilities for the moment and shoots Mike’s Edric. Mike responds by sacrificing Edric to Evolutionary Leap which nets him a Bloodshot Cyclops and 2 additional cards from the Skullclamp

R: Flood Plain tapped, Gilded lotus.


J: Swamp, Tariel, Reckoner of Souls. Ryan makes a “Reckons thats a good play” pun, beginning the Dad jokes puns in earnest for the rest of the game. I can activate Tariel immediately due to the Elixir on the board, but choose to wait until a more opportune moment. Due to the earlier milling I have done, Tony’s graveyard looks like a solid choice to target, containing Flayer of the Hatebound, Diluvian Primordial, Clone, and Dualcaster Mage.

T: Marchesa replayed, Island

M: Mike starts his turn by stating that I am going to hate him, and he’s absolutely right. He casts Word of Seizing on Tariel. With the newly grabbed angel, Mike equips Skullclamp onto her and swings it for 5 at Tony (35) and activates her to target Tony’s graveyard. Mike didn’t hit the big ticket creatures in the bin, randomly selecting the worst option of Dualcaster Mage. He then uses his handy dandy sac outlet Evolutionary Leap on Tariel and rolls into Shaman of the Great Hunt.

R: Flooded Plain for Hallowed Fountain shocked into play (38), Mountain, Cast Through Time, Preordain for value town. We don’t see much of Preordain round these parts (EDH games) and someone mentioned that it was banned in another format (Modern). In our piece of the M:TG world it’s funny to think of this spell as banned, but that goes to show you how different each format can be. Non-Sequitur over, Ryan’s and Mike’s plays for the turn put them in the collective driver’s seat.


J: Draw/play Altar of the Brood, which has been spreading like Wildfire in our meta. Everyone really digs the minimal investment required to get your opponent’s milling. I shock in Sacred foundry to get the mill rolling. Somewhere during the turn the subject changed over to grooming a large beard (Ryan is rocking the Cornelius Yukon + version) which brought us to the the idea of beard competitions. Mike had no idea that such a thing even existed. The more you know!

T: Attacks with Marchesa towards me, I Fated Retribution for minimal value and to avoid falling deeper behind everyone. Swamp, Marchesa comes back via her ability at the end of turn.

M: Island, proclaims fun is about to be had, and windmills Hunted Wumpus!!! Rejoicing among the table, everyone cheers, and a parade starts down 3rd Ave. None of us had seen the Wumpus played in a long time, and its a perfect mechanical fit for Mike’s deck. As he explains, his deck is all about stealing other people’s creatures and the Wumpus enables more creatures to hit the board for potential steal targets (either by his general or via other means) while getting a slid 6/6 Beast for cheap. In this situation, Ryan and I both don’t have creatures in hand while Tony decides to bring Disciple of Bolas into play to sacrifice Marchesa and get a couple of cards out of the deal.

R: Preordain from Cast Through Time‘s rebound effect, Reflecting Pool, Ojutai Exemplars, Leering Emblem. The Exemplars and the emblem are dangerous in Ryan’s deck as the deck plays like a Storm deck, chaining smaller spells in order to pump his creatures via prowess or the spells themselves.


J: With no cards left in hand, I play a Swamp and attempt to play my topdeck which could help me get back into the game big time: Wheel of Fortune. By the grace of Pat Sajack! Unfortunately, Tony does not want to see his hand thrown away and Dissolves my spell. I activate Maze’s End for Boros Guildgate to get a couple of mill activations and end my turn.

T: Island, drops a Simic Manipulator and Blood Tyrant, then swings at me for 2 with Disciple of Bolas (24). True to his deck’s build, Tony has been resilient in putting out threats and continually rebuilding his field from the removal thrown at him.

M: Command Tower, Yasova Dragonclaw, wonders aloud why the Exemplars can flicker itself (protection), steals Tony’s Simic Manipulator via Yasova’s ability, and swings with Hunted Wumpus at Tony (no block, goes to 32). Mike sacrifices the manipulator to Evolutionary Leap (which Mike was getting consistent value out of all game) for Empress Galina.

We were playing in a public Atrium that houses a ton of different groups that meet there. On this particular night, a Japanese cultural club was meeting behind us and their meeting got a little heated when we overheard an argument over someone accusing another member of not being Japanese enough. There is usually something like this going on around us and I could probably fill a whole article with the happenings of the Atrium. I bring this up because Mike noticed a turn later that he forgot to attach the Skullclamp he had to the manipulator to get even more cards when he sacrificed it due to all of the hullabaloo.

R: Plains, Leering Emblem on Exemplars, Future Sight revealing Talrand, Sky Summoner. With the Ojutai Exemplars trigger, Ryan taps down Yasova, then Chaos Warps Blood Tyrant on Tony’s side of the field which becomes Mulldrifter. Prowess count 2!!! (Ryan is the storm count king, and you generally have to keep a count on the number of spells he’s casting in the turn). With the second trigger, he gives the exemplars first strike and lifelink, swings at Mike for 8 and gains 8 himself (Mike at 32, Ryan at 46).


J: Fetid Heath, play Tariel, Reckoner of Souls. With only Maze’s End I look to my general to play graveyard roulette and steer me back into relevancy.

T: Mountain, plays Curse of Stalked Prey onto Ryan, brings out Marchesa, attacks Ryan with Disciple of Bolas and Mulldrifter (no blocks, Ryan to 40), gets 2 counter on both.

M: Mountain, Asceticism, Shaman of the great hunt, and Tony gives Mike a slice of pizza in return for friendship. No bribery was confirmed from the transaction.

R: Chaos Warp onto Asceticism (I believe he used Call to Mind to get it back but my memory is a little fuzzy on this) for it to hilariously become Archetype of Endurance to keep Mike’s creatures safe from targeting. Ryan taps down Marchesa via the Exemplars trigger, plays an island, then Monastery Siege naming “Khans” for the draw/discard ability. Ryan then swings at Tony for 8 again after giving the Exemplars lifelink and first strike via the second noncreature spell (Ryan 48, T 24)

At the end of turn, I spring to action. I activate Tariel targeting Tony’s graveyard and resurrecting Diluvian Primordial Now we’re in business! Tony’s graveyard didn’t have anything worth targeting for the EtB effect, but I used Word of Seizing from Mike’s graveyard to grab the Ojutai Exemplars to end their onslaught and set Ryan back further by using his Orim’s Thunder to blow up Future Sight. I untap Tariel with Thousand-Year Elixir and go digging through the buffet that is Tony’s graveyard and pull up Flayer of the Hatebound whose damage trigger I direct at Ryan (44). I further stymie Ryan’s plans by sacrificing the Exemplars to Altar of Dementia and mill him as well.


J: I drop Maze’s End again and swing everything at Ryan for 13 (31). It would appear that I’ve finally brought Ryan back down to the pack. My creatures all got +1/+1 counters from Curse of the Stalked Prey.

T: Tony felt that I was now getting out of hand, and casts Sudden Spoiling in tandem with Black Sun’s Zenith for 3, wiping out my all of my creatures. The table shares a good laugh at this because Tony absolutely hates being Suddenly Spoiled and he finally gets to be on the other side of the spell. Tony then moves to attacks, sending Mulldrifter at Mike (30) and Disciple of Bolas at Ryan (29) to gain each a counter from Marchesa and the curse respectively.

M: Drops Feed the Pack, attaches Skullclamp to everyone’s favorite wumpus, swings with said wumpus at Tony (20), and then sacrifices it to Feed the Pack to draw 2 and get 2 wolves.

R: Monastery Siege trigger, pitches Dawn Charm. Clever Impersonator on the Archetype to add to the list of things that the impersonator can become (we collectively like it best when it’s copying inanimate objects, specifically books). Now nothing can be hexproof. Ryan puts Leering Emblem on the boar and casts Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest.


J: After the spoiling I received last turn, I’m back to the drawing board and cast Oblivion Stone with mana open to buy me some time. I then Bojuka Bog Ryan.

T: Swings at ryan with Disciple of Bolas and Mulldrifter to knock Ryan to (27) (‘Drifter gets through, blocks Disciple with the Archetype to kill it). Second Main Phase he drops Bloodlord of Vaasgoth and gets the bloodthirst trigger (Which I mistakenly called ‘Bloodlust” and the group turned it into a Jean-Claude Van Daame movie complete with a hastily hashed out plot. Coming to a theater near you!). Tony Bojuka Bogs me and hits his EOT step where the Disciple of Bolas comes back. Mike attempts to on [card]Mulldrifter so that it can’t be sacrificed, but Tony Shunts it to make the target Shu Yun instead. Tony chooses to sacrifice the Bloodlord instead to net him 6 cards and life (26).

M: Mass Mutiny on Marchesa and Ryan’s copied Archetype attacks Tony with everything, blocks the Clever Impersonator to bring Tony to (16), plays Synod Sanctum, sacrifices Marchesa to Evolutionary Leap (Still out, still doing heavy work) for Molten Primordial and with his end step Feed the Pack trigger on the on Clever Impersonator for another 5 wolves, bringing his total wolf count to 7. Awoooooo!

R: Ryan shows the deadly power of Shu Yun, flipping the game on its head. He attaches Leering Emblem onto Shu Yun, flashbacks the Artful Dodge that he just discarded to Monastery Siege, castsCall to Mind which fails to find a target (but he does get the prowess trigger), pays to give Shu Yun double strike via his ability and is able to swing for 18 at Tony to knock him out of the game. (Editor’s note: is this right? I thought you had to declare legal targets for a spell after announcing it, before you pay mana to actually cast it.)


J: I peel a Reforge the Soul which I cast for it’s miracle cost, cast Butcher of the Horde, and leave open mana to activate the O-Stone.

M: Opal Palace activates to bring Yasova out with counters, heads to combat where Yasova’s ability steals Shu Yun, big swing at Ryan bring him all the way down to (7). Sacrifices Shu Yun to Feed the Pack for 2 more wolves.

R: Call to Mind rebounds off of Cast Through Time gets back Recurring Insight, discards City of Brass with Monastery Siege. Sensing an imminent swing from Mike (who does not want to lose his army to Oblivion Stone), Ryan casts Mystical Tutor to grab Cyclonic Rift and put it on top. Ryan attempts to draw the rift with Recurring Insight, but I sacrifice Butcher of the Horde to Altar of Dementia to stop him from doing so. Ryan responds to that by flashing in Dualcaster Mage who copies Recurring Insight and allows him to draw the rift. After that crazy back and forth, Ryan draws a boatload of cards and mills 5 while laying down a Myth Realized.


J: I just drop a Tainted Peak and stick to my Oblivion Stone plan because A)I have nothing in hand that is particularly useful at the moment and B) I need Mike to take out Ryan.

M: Mike goes for another all out attack, first dropping Thunderfoot Baloth and Rootbound Crag. Before he can declare attacks, Ryan casts Cyclonic Rift targeting just my Oblivion Stone to force my hand. Since this is before attacks have been declared, I don’t know if Mike will swing at me, but he has enough power after dropping the Baloth to take both of us out if he splits his attack correctly. With that in mind, I crack the O-Stone and Ryan plays Boros Charm to save his field. Ryan is now sitting pretty with a full field intact while Mike and I stare on in horror at our empty board states. All Mike can do is drop a Spawning Pit and hope for the best.

R: The Cyclonic Rift rebounds and bounces the Spawning Pit as it is the only nonland permanent left on the field that Ryan does not control. Recurring Insight also gets cast again and he draws 5. He discards Halimar Depths[/card to [card]Monastery Siege and then starts going for the kill. Ryan makes Myth Realized into a creature, equips Leering Emblem to it, and starts a parade of spells (Seething Anger, Boros Charm for Double Strike, Jeskai Charm for lifelink and +1/+1, and Mystic Speculation to add another counter). All of this casting gets the Avatar enchantment up to 21 power + double strike. Ryan directs the attack towards Mike and gets through unblocked, knocking Mike out to gain a whopping 42 life (49). The Storm Count King is rolling, and I’m teetering on the brink of elimination.


J: I attempt to mount a defense with Debtors’ Knell, Hushwing Griff, and Presence of the Master to keep Ryan from benefiting from EtB’s or enchantments.

R: Makes Myth Realized a creature, flashes back Past in Flame, and goes to attack. I use the Hide portion of Hide//Seek to put Myth Realized on the bottom of Ryan’s library. Ryan then exiles Debtors’ Knell with Revoke Existence (The knell never stays on the table long enough to work) then flashes Call to Mind back to get the rift back.


J: Cast tariel, Maze’s End.

R: Pitches Deep Analysis to the Monastery Siege, equips Leering Emblem on Dualcaster Mage, flashes back Deep Analysis, Chromatic Lantern, Master Warcraft for no blocking this turn, and swings in for 8 (16).


J: I swing with tariel, which Ryan promptly Mirror Strikes back at me (12).

R: Ryan discards an island to the siege, plays Shu Yun, casts Mizzium Mortars overloaded and copies it via a copy spell I did not log, gives double strike to Dualcaster Mage via Shu Yun, and swings for exactly 12 to finish the game.


Whew. That was exhausting. A few things I learned while compiling the game notes:

  • Keeping a log keeps you intensely focused on the game. I was zeroed in on the game the whole time and I was able to recall everything that happened in game much better than I usually do. None of the usual distractions (Trading, checking random stuff on my phone, etc.) lured my attention away, because I was trying to follow along as closely s possible.
  • I appreciate stenographers more than I ever have before. This wasn’t even going that fast and I was furiously typing away for the better portion of the game. The game-time typing was difficult enough, but going back and having to turn this into something readable was very time consuming and tedious as well.
  • The game itself was a ton of fun! I felt that it was highly interactive and each player was in the driver’s seat for some portion of the game. Everyone built a thematic deck that played to the strengths of their general and they were all on fairly equal footing power wise. Though Ryan dealt all of the knock out blows, Mike’s decks was threatening to overrun the board towards the end and kept every other deck in check due to the numerous creatures he stole through the game. Tony’s deck got answered a lot before he could get the ball rolling, but he still exerted his influence over the game. For myself, I probably had the least plays over the course of the game, but I had a short run in front during the middle of the game and I was able to exert influence using the Oblivion Stone. It’s the kind of game that EDH good times are made of.

And that completes the recap. I hoped you all enjoyed reading a little peek into my EDH group’s games and I hope everyone had a great Battle For Zendikar launch weekend/prerelease and may you get all of the full art basics you desire.