Magic Origins has been revealed as the final core set, and will show several planeswalkers as they lived before their spark ignited. Origin stories are always a blast and it got me thinking of my own EDH origin story. Today I’ll be showing you an up to date version of my very first EDH deck as well as a new deck that plays along the same themes but with the benefit of years of new cards and new experiences with the format.

I was inspired to build my first EDH deck by the Magic Online Holiday Cube. I got up to some blinky shenanigans with Venser the Sojourner and I thought “This is broken,” a thought quickly followed by “I want to do this all the time.” I scoured Gatherer for creatures with insane ETB effects and ways to recur them. For a General I settled on Rasputin Dreamweaver, at the time one of the best options for this kind of deck given the then-insane mana boosts he can provide. I was newly back to the game so had to borrow most of the list from a friend. Pulling Stonehorn Dignitarys and Flickerwisps from his massive longboxes is still a fond memory. I blinked endless Titans and Primordials and Gilded Drakes. The deck was great but as the world of EDH opened up to me, I played it less and less frequently.

As happens in Magic, while I let the deck grow dusty, new cards arrived that played along the same themes, only much more effectively. Roon of the Hidden Realm and Brago, King Eternal are both far more powerful than Rasputin for this strategy, providing blink engines rather than yet another attractive blink target. In revisiting my origins, I’ve decided to go with Brago. Roon provides access to Green which should not be discounted, but the raw power of Brago and his ability to blink Planewalkers and other non-creatures gives him the edge. Hopefully this deck can live up to my original vision while providing a bit more power and consistency.

Check out the videos, and let me know about your own origin story. What was the Commander or rules interaction that led you to pick up the format? What were the early days like for you? Have you made any sweeping changes to power up your original list? Let us know!