…And here we are. Finally!

Welcome to the redesign of GeneralDamageControl.com! Super-excited to be here after all this time.

[checks receipts]

Wow…I bought the hosting and opened the WordPress nearly ten months ago. Here’s to taking your time, eh?

Anyway, I’m not going to be super-wordy today to give you all a chance to look around a bit, but I will point out a few things first:

1. This is what we technical people call a “soft rollout”.

What that means is that we’re still tweaking things and adjusting things and adding features.  You’ll notice a few bugs here and there, and most notably, we haven’t fully finished developing the Forums as of yet.  But rest assured that you’ll soon be able to waste even more of your day chatting away on a GDC message board.  Good times!

2.  That’s not the only thing in the works.

We’re toying around with a bunch of new things, one of which is an official GDC podcast.  Mr P and I recordedthe raw footage last weekend, and we’ll be tossing it up in the next few days for your listening torture pleasure.  More on that when it goes up, though…it’s going to involve some community input for sure.

3.  We’re expanding still.

Many of you already know Dave, who joined up a month or so ago and has been killing it with his Friday column, three Cards Deep.  (Yeah…he’s getting added to the header too.  Bear with us.)  There’s more in store; we’ve got some old friends waiting in the wings, ready to dive right in and be a part of the team.  Stay tuned as we introduce them very soon.

So…that said, we’re still looking for just the right people to join us and make GDC bigger and badder than ever.  If you’re interested, drop us an email.


Check the header-

Decks – we’ve finally got a home for our lists. If you pop in now, you’ll see the Kresh the Bloodbraided list that I finally got around to building and playing this past week at the regular Worlds Apart EDH night.  This is a good example of the functionality, and also a spoiler – the rundown on how it went and where the build is going is coming up soon.

The Team – We needed a page.  Hop over and learn a little bit about your humble authors.

The Forum – Like I said…a work in progress.  Stay tuned.

Of note, we’ve also paired down our links on the main page, but we’ll be building it back out to try to bring attention to the sites and folks that deserve it.  One of the first new additions is East Coast Commander, an up-and-coming blog who pushes solid content at a breakneck pace.  Pop over, check them out, and tell Scott and Christian we said hi.


For those of you just dropping in, thanks for checking us out.  I hope you spend some time digging through the archives, and we look forward to you hopefully working us into your regular rotation.  (Tell your friends!) 

For the regulars, welcome home.  We hope you like the looks and the feel of the new site, and please – let us know what we can do to keep improving things.

We’ll see you all soon-