Off and running! 

This marks the inaugural post for “General Damage Control”, my little digital soapbox for all things Magic-related.  Be fore-warned…I’m a bit of an EDH purist, so plan on Commander content probably 95% of the time in here, but I do reserve the right to wander outside the box into other formats or topics.  Hang on tight.

My mission statement is an attempt to paint a picture of what I’m going to try to do with this blog, which is an unfiltered view of EDH from my perspective.  I know this game in general is filled with sacred cows, and I intend to level my shots at any/all of them at any given time.  Wizards, R&D, the EDH Rules Committee, writers, other blogs, forum posters, friends, family…it’s all fair game.  I’m a Fire sign, which means I’m predisposed to enjoying a good argument, and I intend to brandish that licence with authority.  Or at least irreverence, if I’ve had my coffee and am suitably awake.

Anyway, please hang in there while this joint receives a fresh coat of paint over the next few days/weeks/months/dudeI’mcashingmySocialSecuritycheckandyourpagestillsucks/whatever.  I’ve got some good things in store for you, and I hope you’ll enjoy them…or at least, react to them.  I tend to be flattered even when I’m being called an idiot, so really, you can do no harm.

Stay tuned, and thanks for dropping by.  I really do appreciate it.