I’m pretty excited to be able to make the official introductions of the new additions to Team GDC today!

The team and I have been talking lately, and we came to the decision that we needed to add some new faces to the team to stay fresh. (And by “fresh”, we mean “hitting our content on regular publishing days.”) In all seriousness, we recognized that in order to keep building GeneralDamageControl.com into a bigger, better beast, we needed to add some firepower, and this seems like as good a time as any.

The call went out on Twitter a few weeks back looking for some new blood to join the ranks, and we got an overwhelming response. Thanks go to everyone who replied; initially, we thought we were going to add a face or two, but at the end of the day, we decided on six – Six solid people who stepped up and incessantly email-and-Twitter-bombed us with great ideas and solid writing skills. These guys weren’t taking no for an answer, so we just sent Dave to Home Depot for a few extra sets of keys instead.


Welcome to (Loosely) Controlled Chaos ’14 – Team GDC



Cass – @GDCCommander

Yup…still here. You can’t get rid of me that easily. In addition to being captain of the ship, writer, editor, and occasional podcaster, I now get to be “talent wrangler” for a 10-man team. I need a nap already.

Dave – @MdaveCs

Resident second-in-command, Dave is the associate production coordinator and the other half of the editing team with me. He continues to throw down his trademark Three Cards Deep column, and will be joining me in editing hell bliss and helping to keep the new crew in check.

Sean – @SwordsToPlow

Our resident prolific Black Sheep, Sean is as on-board as ever, continuing to drop content left and right on topics from his budget build projects to his more-competitive views on the format. (He’s branching out into some seriously awesome personal reflections lately, so check his columns out if you managed to miss any.)

Mr. P – @thingsMrPthings

My original partner in crime, Mr. P will remain a fixture, dropping his trademark new general reviews when the sets hit rotation, and dropping in for…well, literally whatever hits his creative fancy. He pulls no punches (even when I ask him to), so I literally find myself reading and re-reading his articles before I go anywhere near my WordPress editor.

Imshan – @generalspeak

Imshan is on limited sabbatical due to real-life constraints, but he’ll remain active with the team, dropping pretty strong deck breakdowns and format analysis whenever he can.

And without further ado (and in no specific order):


CK – @mtgtaikomint

The first of our new multi-national crew, CK resides in Singapore. He’s an L2 Judge, which means our team finally has some actual rules credibility, and also that he’ll be fact-checking (and correcting) many of the things I say. He’s also got a boat-load of decks built, and it will be really cool to see first-hand the differences culture can create when it comes to the social contract.

Erik – @Erik_Tiernan

Erik is a long-time reader and commenter, and he was quick to throw his hat in the ring. His personal format philosophy falls right in line with where we all seem to come from, which is to just have a good time and make sure everyone else is too. He’s in the process of instituting a “points” system to his local game much in the same line as the one Mr. P and I built for our LGS, so I’ll be picking his brain and forcing politely asking him to drop some content on managing playgroups. He’s also big on proper threat assessment, so I’m hoping my ability to fly into a rage and light people up in print when they screw things up will rub off on him.

Alex – @AlexCkSzeto

Alex is another regular reader and regular face out in the community. He’s written some solid stuff on Building Upon Theme over at EastCoastCommander.com, so you can head over there to take a look at what he already brings to the table. He’s got experience in playgroups of multiple calibers, so it’ll be interesting to see if he can tie us all together with his content. He’s also got social media (mad) skill(z yo), so we’ll be working with him to revamp our web presence a bit – and clean up and diversify the Facebook page (which is roughly my Tweets and pictures once in a while right now…my bad.)

Kaka – @TheKakaStorm

(Pauses to queue up “Down Under” on iPod)

Kaka is our crazy brother from Australia. This means roughly that he’s going to be sick to death of my incessant “Mad Max” references in about fifteen minutes. If you’ve followed his Tweets, forum posts, and article comments in the past, you’ll know he’s fiery, off-the-wall, and very strong in his opinions, but in a totally genuine fun way. He likes to come out of left-field, and some of the initial articles I’ve seen from him take some wild looks at some complete sleeper cards and decks. This will be fun. (Also, if we can figure out the time difference, he’s down for podcasting, which would be awesome.)

Arlo – @KingnArlo

Arlo doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to become our chief podcast coordinator. He’s got ideas to revamp both the regular GDC Podcast and get it going bi-weekly, as well as dropping one of his own too. We’re incredibly stoked on this, because we love doing the podcasts, and love the feedback on the podcasts, but are somehow really bad at actually pulling the trigger and producing the podcasts. GDC is about to get really vocal, folks! If he can find time to write in the side, Arlo is talking about some pretty cool ideas related to a “choose your path”-style interactive game assessment piece, and he mentioned a mailbag feature, which I love. Glad to have him on board!

Jason – @Wooberg

Jason is from Imshan’s neck of the woods up in Canada. He’s a true fan of what happens in EDH games and not how they end – the journey, rather than the destination. He’s all over the map as far as play style, a true jack-of-all-trades that enjoys looking at many different angles in the decks he plays, which will make for some fun writing. He’s already hard at work on a new series for GDC, entitled “Build It Or Beat It”. He’ll be looking at exposing old standard archetypes and new generals for two different angles; putting together the components and examining the options that make them tick, and then bringing the Kryptonite with ways to tear them down and beat them up. I can’t wait to see where he takes this.


That’s the new crew, and I couldn’t be more stoked. Things are looking awesome.

So what does this all mean?

-More diversity.

We’ve got guys from all over the world, with different angles, ideas, and playgroups. It’s going to be fantastic to see all the angles that come out of this.

-More content.

With this much firepower, we should be looking to expand into more coverage days each week. (For now, we’re looking at nailing down what we’ve got, but keep your eyes peeled…)

-More platforms.

Twitter should get better. Reddit should get better. Facebook should get much better. Hell, we’ll likely finally figure out how the stupid forums work while we’re at it, and we’ll be bringing some serious podcast action right to the front. We’re going to be all over the place.

-More website..edness…

Or whatever. We’re all chipping in on new ideas and design angles for the site, so my mission in the upcoming few months will be to roll out a bigger, better, badder GeneralDamageControl.com 3.0. Stay tuned.

-More chaos.

In a good way. 😉

Hang on, folks. This is going to be a heck of a ride, but our overall goal is as strong as ever – to deliver the best EDH/Commander content we can, and above all, to continue to Defend The Social Contract.