Did you ever find yourself hard up for a way to neatly tie the year up in a bow? It’s been a big-getting-bigger year for GeneralDamageControl, so I did my durndest to hit up team members old and new for a slightly more interesting (hopefully) take on what we’ve watched pass by our eye-holes in 2014. I sent a few questions into the digital ethers and here’s what some of our team members had to say.

Question One: What is your favorite new card (meaning printed for the first time in 2014) for EDH?


Alex: Assault Suit – Turning dudes sideways = Fun. Potentially turning dudes sideways every turn = More Fun!

Cass: Comeuppance. I love the Judo stuff, and that was a snap-add for me in the Narset deck.

CK: Honestly speaking this has been a pretty lean year for me in terms of favorite cards, but if I have to name one, I’d go for Nahiri, the Lithomancer because  planeswalking Stoneforge Mystic is hot. That, and she displaced one of my longest serving generals in Kemba, Kha Regent.

Dave: Eidolon of Blossoms – nothing fancy, just a great role player that has let me draw a lot more cards.

Erik: Spirit Bonds. Kicker, make a dude and then indestructible stuff, where do I sign! This card is innocuous, but really nice on value. And since there is almost always a scarier enchantment, it tends to live longer than it probably should. Also in my Vish Kal deck it makes Vish practically unkillable.

Jason: A lot of goodies but I’m going to have to go with Sidisi, Brood Tyrant. She let me adapt my tribal zombies into a way more fun direction. Building around her for maximum value has led to a ton of great games.

Kaka: I’m a blue mage, not gonna lie about that. I like casting spells, doing magic, and counting to ten. In this years releases there have been tonnes of cards I love and want to use. However, the one I love the most is Kheru Spellsnatcher.

OK so what about favorite Oldy from all of the entire long history of Magic?

Alex: Rakdos Charm – It does everything you want it to do in EDH and does it well. Kill a player that made infinite creatures, blow up a graveyard against a reanimator deck, kill a Sol Ring on turn two.

Cass: Cauldron Dance: King of the Combat Tricks, and my all-time fave instant.

CK: I like anyone that bashes face like a boss, but I’d like to specially mention my favorite general, Gahiji, Honored One, because Christmas is coming, and I like to deliver the season’s beatings all year round 🙂

Dave: Shout out to all the allies (including the changelings). I stole Sean’s ally deck, added black for Damia, made it not budget, and love goofing around this those oldish-er dudes.

Erik: Crystal Ball: I recently added it to a few decks and it works really well for when you leave up mana. And unlike Top, you can put cards away if you are unable to find a shuffle effect.

Jason: It’s nothing too fancy, but I’ve fallen in love with the old Turn one Green Sun’s Zenith for 0 getting Dryad Arbor. Strong ramp, a creature to attack with, and you don’t have to feel too bad about wasting a tutor because it shuffles right back into your deck to be drawn again.

Kaka: If we’re going to dig through time, there are so many awesome cards in 21 years of Magic that I want to kill people with. The one I am most excited about engineering is killing people with Mirror Universe. This card is completely ridiculous and I have plans on how to do this. it will be the ultimate glass cannon. I love stupid glass cannons that no one sees coming.

And lastly, what is everyone’s favorite piece of Magical writing this year from elsewhere than GDC?

Cass: Crickets…. chirp chirp.

Dave: I recently read Adam Barnello’s history of Legacy series on ChannelFireball and it was amazing.

Erik: I really like a lot of Bruce Richard’s stuff on the <othership. I followed him on Muse Vessel, Gathering Magic, and now DailyMTG. Bonus points for acknowledging that multiplayer doesn’t require 100 cards. Stop laughing, it exists!

Jason: Not an article so much as a service, want to shout out to the EDH Recommendations bot on Reddit. In the edhrec subreddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/edhrec) just post a link to your deck on Tapped Out and a helpful bot will give you a list of cards similar decks play, and a list of what cards you’re running that others don’t. While I encourage individuality and expression in EDH it’s a super handy tool to see how others have worked synergies and answers into their builds.

Kaka: Okay this article is behind a paywall, which is not for everyone. Also it is also heavily written from a vintage perspective. I am also a competitive vintage player. This article, however, is not just for the vintage player. It’s a fantastic read…. Nay it is an epic piece of literature following the first 10 years of the vintage, then Type 1 format through the early years of magic. A great read for lovers of the game or anyone interested in what it was like in the early days.


And that’s all she wrote. Some random questions to pull the year together. May all your Fate Reforged packs have a fetch in the land slot.