I’ve been in the middle of some heated conversations with some of my co-writers and fans of the format lately regarding what EDH players want when they head to the internet.  I know from my own experience here at GDC that there are some things that people tend to love reading about (spoilers, anything involving the banned list), and things that people tend to be lukewarm on (Hi, decklists!) as well.

That last part is pretty interesting, too, since the majority of online EDH content (that doesn’t exist in a forum) tends to involve writing about specific decks, generals, and card choices.  While it’s possible that I’m just guilty of putting up the worst decklist articles known to man when I do it, it seems like my incredibly in-depth market research (Hint: it’s neither incredible or in-depth) is pointing me to the conclusion that we writers, bloggers, and EDH content providers are giving you all exactly what you *don’t* want most of the time.

Today, there was a fairly solid discussion on Twitter that was more or less on the same topic.  It really got me thinking more about this, so I decided that tonight we were going to to do some more market research to really try to wrap our heads around this.

Here’s the plan:

As always, the GeneralDamageControl email address is open to you for anything at all.  If you’re so inclined, copy the following questions into an email and send it on over.  (Much appreciated!)  If you’d rather open a line of conversation on one or more talking points in the Comments section, that’s cool too. 

Either way, we want to know what you guys want.  We’ll compare it to our own answers in a future installment, and it will go a long way towards figuring out what EDH players really do want.

As always, much appreciated.  See you all next week.


1. What is your favorite type of EDH article or column?  (Think deck tech, spoilers, community issues…that sort of thing.)

2. What is your least favorite type of EDH article or column?

3. What websites do you regularly check out for EDH content?

4. Are there any that you specifically steer clear of?  Why?

5. Who are your favorite EDH writer/s?

6. How well does content from a retailer (StarCityGames, ChannelFireball) stack up against content from other sources?  (DailyMTG, Commandercast)

7. Do you like multimedia EDH content?  (Podcasts, videos, etc)

8. What about Twitter/Facebook/social media content?

9. What was the best EDH article you ever read?  Why?

10. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with “1” being as casual as you can get, and “10” being as competetive as you can get), rate yourself as a player.

Send your answers here, or discuss in the Comments