So the banhammer etc etc. And [Card]Sylvan Primordial[/card] is down.

Mr. P had a lot to say about it. Here at GDC we don’t all always agree, but on this front I think most of the voices (especially Cass, Dave, and Sean) are singing a perfect harmony of dissatisfaction about the decision handed down from the dudes in the Rules Committee. We each have our reasons for thinking it was a poor choice, but instead of offering our “logic,” (which you could probably find explained by other MTG/EDH brains on the high-quality forums at MTGSalvation and here’s what members of the (Twitter) community had to say in response to our call for opinions about the RC (ban)Hammer of Bogardan. (If we misrepresent you, we apologize. Paraphrasing here people. Paraphrasing.)

They tended to fall into at least one of three camps:

1. “It was a bad decision.”

Because SP itself wasn’t that much of a problem.

Because relative to other cards it’s certainly not too powerful,(so I guess I’ll have to run more of those super-busted options now).

Because other cards are more of or the problem.

Because the banned list should be kept small so local groups can make the decision.

(ok nobody I saw on twitter said that but I know I can’t be alone in thinking it…)

2. “I’m fine with it.”

Because it wasn’t fun.

Because there are alternatives for its main functionality.

Because it was too good to not run it so I’m happy for variety.


This is certainly the dominant view on Reddit/r/EDH. Sadly I can’t find a Tweet with the right amount of (f)ire.

Because it was oppressive and annoying.


Along with a smattering of “Oh why couldn’t WotC just add a ‘may’ or an ‘up to’ in there?!?”

Fortunately, several did chime in with the simple wisdom that the banned list is just a suggestion anyway.


An interesting note here. I don’t think anyone had escaped hearing people complain about SP, if only online. But EDH players complain, so for some of us the ban decision came as something of a surprise. This is especially true because when Sheldon Menery, face of the Rules Committee, sat down with the guys at CommanderCast earlier this year, he kinda addressed the issue of why creatures get banned. Some have read his comments as a defense of SP, arguing that they make the apparently unanimous decision (“members all voting in favor of removing it“) more surprising.

I guess the important thing to remember is that the list is just a suggestion. Even though someone (me/us) might disagree with the ban and think the card was fine, and further argue that it’s easier to house-rule-ban a card than house unban a card, if only because of the dynamics of convincing your playgroup, that doesn’t actually mean you can’t have the play experience you want. Talk to your playgroup and convince them to let you play Sylvan Primordial, or figure out a way to have an awesome time anyway.

Of course, if you don’t have a playgroup, you’re pretty much at the whim of the RC hammer d’ban. Just don’t start shouting and calling anyone an idiot because they don’t get what you’re saying.

No seriously. Don’t. We try it from the porch all the time. It never works.

Team GDC