After a lively Twitter conversation today, I got to thinking:

What exactly *is* casual Commander?

For the purposes of this discussion, here’s the line in the sand:


TURN 1: Forest, Exploration, Forest

TURN 2: Forest, Forest, Skyshroud Claim

TURN 3: Forest, Harmonize, Forest

TURN 4: Forest, Lightning Greaves

TURN 5: Forest, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, equip Greaves, attack…


Given the above:

1. Is this a casual play, or a competitive play?

2. Is this too competitive, or not competitive enough?

3. Would you be upset if someone made this play in one of your normal games?

4. Would you make this play yourself?

5. Would you warn other players if this was a play you were capable of making?  Would you expect to be warned if someone brought a deck like this to a normal game?

6. How often do you ask other players at the start of a game what level of competition they expect?  How often have you been asked that question?

7. Are you offended if you are told your deck is too competitive?  What about not competitive enough?

8. Do you have multiple decks built to different levels of competition?

9. If given the option, do you prefer competitive games or casual ones?

10. What is your normal playgroup/where do you normally play?


Hit up the Comments section below/Reddit and let us know your answers.