Why I Caved…
Or How They Always Get Me with Shiny and New

Ask me a month ago, and there was no way I was going buy all five. I think most of team GDC and the people we converse with regularly on the tweeters were on that page. Well, except Sean: (Gchat)

sean buying c14



But then things changed…

The value from Commander 2013 was just too low. You could have gotten all the cards you wanted without seventeen Curse of White Do-Nothings for like $70 and saved a bunch of cash. I have a number of close friends who haven’t even looked at the precons since we did the out-of-the-box battle royale.

And this year, to top it off, Wizards of the Coast made it explicit that they don’t like the “True-Name” effect, neither on Eternal formats nor on the supply of these decks. There wouldn’t be any scenario where you ship True-Name Nemesis the first month for $45 in cash, effectively getting 98 cards for free and the remainder of the precons for a decent discount.

So why did I click “Buy It Now” and plunk down $149.95 on eBay this past Saturday afternoon?

6. Secret ninja reason: Sweet Freaking Custom Tokens. (I am a sucker for tokens).


5. The black and red lists excited me enough that I assume there’ll be a few cards in the other lists that I like (although I haven’t identified them now.)  You see, the thing about me is sometimes I can’t really wrap my head around a card, especially something new, until I’ve held it and tried to figure out where it fits. Perfect impulse buy excuse…

4. Because I want Sol Rings 12 through 17. No, I need them. Lawls.

Seriously, though, it’s because of the MUD value making life easier for me with the Medallions and all those copies of Worn Powerstone and the like.

3. All those morphs and sea creatures in Teferi’s deck. They’re shiny and splashy and look like fun. (and I’m impatient and lazy to have them in my greedy little fingers.) Basically, I have a few decks that want a few singles from this set – Tromokratis chief among them.

And I don’t want to order them as singles. Or wait.

2. I’m lazy and impatient. See above and about a gillion other reasons. In essense, I’m paying somewhere around $50 to not pick out the cards that I actually want, as well as the additional cost of all the cards I don’t use but never take the time to flip. Heavy taxes I levy on myself.

1. I really like the ‘unboxing game’ in general. These look particularly like they’ll be interesting out of the box, if only because everyone will–at least this one time–have a unique Planeswalker as their general as well.

So there you have it. The evolution from “Ug…I’ll just buy singles.” to the conventional Magic player’s “Shut up and take my money!”

cass bights the bullet


(EDITORS’ NOTES- Boy, was I wrong about red.  Also, I cave like a sand castle at high tide.


My sad wallet is a pawn in their sick sadistic shiny amazing Commander mind games. Good work, Wizards of the Coast! I hope to fare better against you in battle next year.


PS: eBay still has deals with free shipping on November 7 at well <$150 if you’re interested. Just do some digging.