Here are my top five totally random lessons I want to write about right now and a baby buzzfeed panda will get punched if you don’t read them.

5. Having a website/blog is tough. When both the editors, as well as four of the writers go through massive life changes, keeping the content flowing is really difficult.

4. If you have an inexpensive general (go you. great choice!) and you plan to cast it asap, you should also plan to recast it quickly. People often have a removal spell in their opener that they’re happy to burn to be a speed bump for your fast deck.

3. No matter how many times you explain it to the Internet, everyone still believes that their experience is the average. This goes for EDH metas (ie Mr. why-run-that-spell-the-game-is-decided-by-turn-six-anyway – a real person I argued with on Reddit), your personal sense of social injustices or lack thereof, parenting, and the best slice of pizza in New York (you’re all wrong, it’s DiFaras). Be understanding of others when they step into this hole, and avoid it yourself when you can.

2. You can’t please very many people at once, in fact only a very few. So stick to playgroups and EDH groups where you know you can navigate preferences in order to have a good time yourself without crushing others’ fun; or come with a thick skin for the jerks you piss off, and some humility for the good-dudes you accidentally stomp.

1. When it comes down to it, EDH is often (at its best? usually?) about connecting with people through a shared love for gaming, but with a little bit of the competitive edge worn away in favor of a setting where you don’t create or suffer any negative emotions like frustration if you accidentally spend 45 minutes arguing about the best container to cold-brew coffee or discussing who has the best state fair. So focus on the connections. Sometimes your website will take a back seat. The relationships never should.

hash tag dem feels I love team GDC.

If you think there are some actually central lessons people should learn for EDH/Commander, let me know @MdaveCS on twitter, and tag #KeyDHLessons. 🔑 Let’s have some learnin’